These Pakistani Celebrities Are Speaking Up For Kashmir

By Sarmad Amer | 5 Aug, 2019

These Pakistani celebrities are raising their voice for the people of Kashmir.

Over the last couple days news from Kashmir has been rather disconcerting. Kashmir has always been a disputed region between Pakistan and India because of its strategic location but the recent rise in tensions over India’s latest oppressive actions in Kashmir are giving way to the whole world getting concerned for the future of the valley.

Pakistanis are particularly concerned with the safety of Kashmiris and are raising their voices to speak up for them. Famous celebrities, too, are among those speaking up for Kashmiris and here are all of your favorite celebrities who have spoken up for the safety of Kashmiris.


Hamza Ali Abbasi, as usual, was one of the first Pakistani celebrities to discuss Kashmir

He urged his fellow artists to use their platforms to speak up against India’s recent onslaught of atrocities in Kashmir.


Soon after Hareem Farooq shared her thoughts on the matter


And Hamza was quick to thank her


He also thanked Armeena Khan who has been a constant voice of reason related to matters of international peace


Mahira Khan made her stance known on the matter earlier this morning

She spoke up about the innocent Kashmiris who face the brunt in matters of dispute between India and Pakistan.


And Mehwish Hayat spoke up against the cluster bombs deployed by India

These cluster bombs are designed to hurt people indiscriminately, regardless of them being military members or civilians.


Veena Malik also shared in Mehwish’s sentiments

Word for word.


Other actors who have used their platform to raise their voice for Kashmir include Faysal Quraishi


Kubra Khan


Shaan Shahid


Ahmad Ali Butt


Mansha Pasha

Feroze Khan


Cricketer Sana Mir

With India having just revoked the special status that Kashmir was supposed to enjoy and making it administered by the center it seems like the region is going to see some more dark days in the near future. Therefore it is important for people, especially people of influence like these Pakistani celebrities, to raise their voice for Kashmir. These Pakistani celebrities speaking for Kashmir is important, therefore appreciable.


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Cover image via: / Momina & Duraid Films / @hareemfarooq via Instagram 

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