Here’s How Pakistani Celebrities Are Reacting After India Crossed The LOC Today

By Arslan Athar | 26 Feb, 2019

Pakistani celebrities hit back!

As you all now know, India crossed the line of control but was met with the Pakistani Air Force, sending them back home. The media in Pakistan has been dismissing the incident as India’s haste and utter failure to inflict harm on us, whereas the Indian media has announced that they’ve killed 300 terrorists in their ‘strike’.

The reaction from Bollywood following the news has been harsh and pretty shocking, to say the least. 


This issue has become too massive to ignore, therefore, some of our very own Pakistani celebrities have added their own voice to the mix.

This is what they had to say.

Faysal Qureshi sent a firm warning. 


Armeena seconded Fatima Bhutto’s sentiment. 


While also heeding a stern warning to Bollywood actors who have given hateful statements. 


Mansha Pasha agreed with Armeena on this.


Mansha has made it clear that war is not the answer.


Aijaz Aslam gave the Pakistani military his salam while also taking a jab at Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Feroze Khan stands firmly behind the Pakistani Army.


Fahad Mustafa is pro-peace!


While Mawra found the absurdity in this whole situation.


Haroon Shahid also had had enough of all this war-mongering.


He also found the time to make a job. 


Quratulain Balouch also added her comments into all this.


Again, most celebrities have chosen to express themselves through retweets on twitter, but the sentiment is the same- peace is the priority no matter what. This move by India has angered a lot of Pakistani and Pakistani celebrities likewise since it is India clearly trying to provoke Pakistan and Pakistani sentiment.

We can only hope that everything works out for the best and that both sides resolve this issue with a clear mind, and not battle cries.

Indian Celebrities Have Gone Crazy After India Crossed The LOC Today

This Famous Indian Instagram Joked About The LOC Crossing And This Is Actually Too Much

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