Pakistanis Are Unfollowing Irfan Junejo For His Comments On Kashmir

By Noor | 19 Aug, 2019

Pakistanis are offended by Irfan Junejo for the statement he (did not) made on Kashmir

The whole world is aware of the humanitarian crisis which has engulfed Kashmir after the repeal of article 370. There have been UN meetings, countless media opinion pieces on the matter and the biggest spotlight shone to the cause has been through the words of influential celebrities.


A lot of Pakistani celebrities have boldly spoken up about Kashmir ever since India made its terrible move of repealing Article 370 that allowed Kashmir a ‘relatively’ protected status


Even a few YouTubers highlighted the Kashmir issue in their own capacities


So, after the statements by some famous celebrities Pakistanis really wanted their favorite public figures like Irfan Junejo to speak on Kashmir

This is the reason why Irfan Junejo revealed that he was urged to the point of being harassed to make a video on the Kashmir issue. He was asked by many to highlight the egregious situation in Kashmir. The YouTuber tweeted that he was being bashed for not making the video on the Kashmir issue.


He did speak up on the matter on his Instagram stories


And he made a video on the matter of ‘activism’ but Pakistanis are offended by Irfan Junejo defending himself and want him canceled

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Irfan responded by explaining why he does NOT want to talk about Kashmir

He started off by asking the people that they should ‘cancel’ him for this but he will stick to his stance. He stated that he is NOT supporting the oppressors and he is not afraid of losing the Indian followers but he has a very different reason for not covering Kashmir as an issue.


He explained that not making a video does not mean that he intends to support whatever is happening in Kashmir


In his words, ” Sabko cancel kardo, apne selective outrage main zinda raho aur dusron ko judge kartay raho”

He concluded his rant by saying, “ Ajeeb apnay andar sab activist banay huey hain!”


Junejo’s statement has badly hurt the sentiments of his fans who are now planning to ‘cancel’ him and he’s lost more than 6000 followers so far


They even reminded him that he has been an activist too, he made the video regarding the Asia bibi case


People accused Irfan bhai of preferring fame and money over humanity


There were people who tried to defend the YouTuber by asserting that the stance by Junejo should be respected and it should be understood that he wants to avoid all sorts of controversies because he is after all an entertainer only


What are your thoughts on the issue? Did Irfan bhai do the right thing? Let us know in the comments below.


Irfan Junejo Was Asked To Comment On Kashmir. His Response Has Caused A Massive Backlash


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