WTF! Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar Just Said Women Should Rape Men If They Want Equality

By Hafsa Ahmad | 1 Nov, 2019

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is disgustingly problematic, WTF!

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar has been a well respected name in media in Pakistan for being a prolific writer. He has written many iconic shows and movies. However his views are extremely problematic. His movies like ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi‘ and ‘Kaaf Kangana‘ and dramas like ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho‘ just reveal how truly demented his thought process about women really is.


In his latest interview writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar just exposed how dangerously misogynistic he is toward women

The interview started on a light note and drum rolls, literally, but things took a turn. a major turn, when the writer started talking about his drama ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho‘. He explained the main idea behind his drama and OOOF WHAT A PROBLEMATIC MAN HE IS!

About showing a woman cheating on her husband in the show he said, “ mere liye aurat ke paas aik hi khoobsurti hai aur woh uski haya hai, uski wafa hai. Woh nai hai toh mai unko non-women kehta hu”

First of all, what? Matlab seriously, whats non-women? The opposite of women? Which, in archaic gender identities would be men. Is he saying that women who are not loyal to their partners are men? Which would also imply that he thinks men are, by nature, disloyal and cheaters.

source: Entertainment Pakistan /YouTube

While voicing his opinions on what characteristics “women” should have in order to refrain from being “non-women,” Khalil ur Rehman Qamar may have realized his opinions may be a wee bit too controversial… and yet was confident enough to admit his ignorance… toxic masculinity much?

He said, ” koi parcha kara den, “Me too” ka koi case kara dijiye, I. DONT. CARE.”


The interviewer’s facial expression at Khalil Ur Rehman is basically all of us right now.

He went on to defend himself by saying you can’t change the nature of men. Like wtf, you’re defending all kinds of disgusting men who rape, murder, steal and do horrible things to children, women and other men by saying you can’t change a man’s nature? Which means all the death penalties and so-called justice system is not going to help at all?

He went on to say, “woh chandd aik larkian hai, chandd aik group hai, jo ye naara lagai ga. mere khilaaf tweet kardeda koi 20-2500 ISS SE ZYADA AAP KUCH NI KARSAKTAY. AAP. MARD. KI. GHAIRAT. KI. FITRAT. KO. NAHI. BADAL. SAKTAY. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. MAASHRA AIK DAM DHARAAM SE NEECHAY GIR JAIGA.”

“mene mardo ki jo halat dekhi. Aik mard jo apna saara waqar, apni saari izzat, saari aabroo, saara jo sarmaya hai uske paas. Woh apni bivi ki muthi mai rakh ke USKE liye kaam karnay nikal jata hai. Aur mai LANAT bhejta hu esi aurto ke uper, jo uske peechay uss muthi ko khol deti hain.”

Okay, I get extramarital affairs are devastating but where did “uske liye kaam karnay nikal jata hai” come form especially considering that the lead female in his drama, ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho‘ (yes he was spewing all this filth in context to his drama) Mehwish, earns for herself, to satisfy her desire for a better living standard like an empowered woman. And we’re totally gonna pretend that men solely go out to work for their wives and this concept is not influenced by patriarchy.

source: Entertainment Pakistan /YouTube


Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar did not just stop there, he went on to defend men who cheat on their wives saying it is all the women’s fault – the wife as well as the woman who he cheats on his wife with and the man is so innocent that he can’t say no

Did he just explicitly express double standards and put the blame of men having extramarital affairs on women? OH IM SHOOK!

source: Broadway Video

He said, “mard doosri aurat kai paas jata kyun hai? sab se pehle unsatisfied marriages, undesired marriages, doosra pehli dafa mard dekhta hai jaake aurat ko te panjaa hazaar da makeup kara ke aye, jado waya karda aur darwaza kholda te kuch aur nikalda wichon”

he further explained his views, “mujhay bataye aurat ko mard sai khof kis baat ka hai? doosri aurat ka hai.” and continues to put the blame solely on women,”if a man is looking at you and you don’t respond, tou sakhi pehnmard kai paas inkaar karnay ki kabliyat nahi hoti, aurat kai paas hoti hai, yeh farq hai dono mai, yeh kabhi khatam nahi ho ga.”


Dude just went off about women’s clothes as if he was the moral police as well

On his opinions about the kinds of clothes women should wear, as if he is the one who determines what to wear, he said, “aap shorts pehne gi ye permission kabhi ni di jaigi apko. Subcontinent mai kabhi ni di jaigi”.

How people made feminism an idea that promotes nudity, one can never know. But also, who asked for “permission” from him?

source: Entertainment Pakistan /YouTube


In his most funny comment he said, “Khuda gawa hai mere se bara feminist Pakistan mein koi nahi hai”

“I am fighting for the good women”

umm… hain?

I admit I actually took a moment to pray for the feminist movement in Pakistan after he said this.

“mai aurto ko barabri ke haqooq deta hu, par zara neechay neechay.”

kind of ironic tho, also bit of a paradox. Also someone forgot to teach him math in school. Equal but not equal? Maybe he’s a fan of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.


And then… he said women should rape men if they want equality

“apnay kabhi ye khabar suni hai k paanch mardo ne mil ke aik larki aghwa karli, kabhi ye khabar suni hai k paanch aurto ne aik mard ko aghwa karlia. TO YE KARO NA JAB BARABRI KARNI HAI TOH KAR KE DIKHAO! mujhe pata chaly ga ye barabri kar rhi hain. ain koi bus lootain, koi mard le jao utha ke, gang rape karain uske sath, MUJHE PATA CHALAY YE BARABRI HOTI KYA HAI. BHAI KONSI BARABRI MAANG RAHI HO”.

interviewer: “I am shaking… straight up shaking right now!”

source: Entertainment Pakistan /YouTube

Without a doubt, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s dramas are widely acclaimed, although problematic but this interview is bound to raise eyebrows and frankly, it should. Because he is one person, speaking for many. He clearly states that these views were the inspiration behind “Mere Paas Tum Ho” and the amount of love the drama is receiving is concerning. especially since now it suggests that these views are influencing countless people. Allah maaf farmaye aise logon se.


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Cover image via: Entertainment Pakistan /YouTube

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