41 Of The Most Powerful Posters From Aurat March That You Absolutely HAVE To See

By Fatima A | 10 Mar, 2019

Aurat March 2019 took place on International Women’s Day on 8th March and it was a wonderful, glorious event. What’s being talked about the most, with regards to this event, are the posters. Here are our top picks from the March:

1. Bleeding once a month is NOT fun. Can menstrual products not be taxed as a luxury?

2. Girls just wanna have FUNdamental rights, okay?

3. A woman’s choice of clothing is her concern alone.

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4. Women’s bodies belong to them and them alone.

5. We love how this poster calls out selective feminism while also speaking up for underpaid female laborers.

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My favourite placard from yesterday's magnificent #auratmarch that took place across #Pakistan. Privilege does not fend off the #patriarchy – it's EVERYWHERE – but also feminism was a crusading anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist force for true equality so. let's have a little less of the Girl Power t shirts and a little less of the "oh my badass girlfriend" and a little more workers' rights and the desire for a world where no one is exploited rather than equality meaning women doing a greater share of exploiting – we've all read #animalfarm, we don't want to be it. The model is what needs to change. Nothing is helped by corporate stooges and brands that want to to sell you things wishing anyone a happy women's day, feminism is a #socialist movement not a marketing gimmick #feminism #feminist #internationalwomensday #womensday #radicalisnotadirtyword #capitalistfeminismisnotathing #notoanimalfarmfeminism

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6. Kudos to these male allies, too

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An insight of Aurat March Or If I say another look? 1400 years back I was buried alive in the grave. I have been sexualized since birth. My age, weight size doesn't matter what matter is me being a woman. I am paid less because I am a woman. I have to cook, clean, and look after kids because I am a woman. If I am working women, I am officially available. I am a girl cannot walk out late. Rape means intercourse without the consent of the person be it male or female. And yes Marital Rape does exist. Can you see yourself amongst any one of these? What do you think, If a cloth is suppressed will it lose its ability to pop up when released? This is what Aurat March is. Few obstructive banners cannot stop our message. Son of Adam are not all coequal. Some are tumultuous, thunderous and bolder, some are modus and demeanor. As the march. However, these issues were addressed in the march as well but gloomed under the shadow of a few thunderous ones. Educate your daughters, wives under the light of our religion, not under Pressure. Remember pressure is reversed back, but light glows. Even a class has few remarkable, few mischievous students. Social media is like a wildfire, where negative thoughts, spices, wrong dictatorship is governed by screen warriors. Although affirmative and optimistic vibes are volcano itself which can't surrender. Prevail the real cause, this march is for Aurat (Women) The one who lives within you, within me, inside your mother. Fight for her right, fight for equality. Women Cheers! #auratmarch2019 #auratmarch #8march #womensday #pakistaniblogger #karachiblogger #karachimommyblogger #ThePositiveMom

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7. We are HERE for this poster promoting the use of more inclusive language and encouraging men to be sensitive

8. Women are capable of SO much more than just marriage!

9. Women are not lollipops, juice boxes, iPads or any other objects the internet has them compared to based on their choice of dressing. Women are human beings. Period.

10. Feminism is inclusive.

11. Respecting women involves not using them in insults and abuses

12. Domestic violence is never okay.

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Let me introduce you to the power of the media. You take a situation, show only one side of it, exaggerate it a bit and the whole nation goes wild. The same thing happened with Aurat March 2019. Aurat March is a procession walk held in different cities of Pakistan on the eve of women's day. Only a handful placards that dealt with dressing, vulgarity or going against our Islamic values were shared on all social media forums and people went crazy bashing and denouncing the March. Even I was guilty of that too. But as with every story, there was another side as well. The side that wasn't shown, that wasn't paid attention too because it showed the ugly face of our society. There were placards denouncing dowry, child marriages, domestic violence but the media did not show that because it is so easy to get comments and likes on a woman holding a sleazy poster than a woman highlighting a real issue. We women are always hushed this way. A woman demanding for her right is too fast, too modern and Unislamic. Islam is a balanced religion. If it asks women to cover, it also asks men to lower their gaze but sadly we teach women to cover but never teach the boys to lower their gaze. That's what feminism demands. Give us equal rights! The photos above show placards highlighting real issues from the March. Never believe everything the media says. #Feminists #AuratMarch #AuratMarch2019 #WomensDay #WomenEmpowerment #Feminist #Worldofwomen #Equalityforwomen #PakistaniYouth #PakistaniWomen #MuslimWomen #PowerfulWomen #PakistaniFeminists #MuslimYouth #MuslimFeminists #LifestyleBloggers #MotivationalBloggers #InspirationalBloggers #KarachiBloggers #FeministBloggers #WomenBloggers #MuslimBloggers #MuslimWomenBloggers #PakistaniBloggers #PakistaniWomenBloggers #InspirationalWomen #StrongWomen #womenofstrength #KarachiWomen #Inspiration

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13. Let’s normalize celebration when daughters are born

14. Ghar ka kaam, sab ka kaam! Let’s work together instead of conforming to gender roles.

15. Love your daughters and protect them financially by including them in your will.

16. Feminism extends to the women who work in your houses as well! Protect their rights!

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17. Protect women’s rights by paying laborers the wages they deserve!

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18. Rape survivors should be encouraged to tell their stories instead of being silenced.

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19. There is NO honor in honor killings.

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20. Girls deserve the basic right to education.

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21. Demanding peace, healthcare, the right to education, having a career AND access to clean water on a pink motorcycle is SUCH a power move! 

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22. No means NO, not try and change my mind!

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23. Let’s celebrate all body types instead of shaming women for their weight!

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24. The voices of the differently-abled community deserve to be heard and accounted for!

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25. Let’s stop dowry culture and instead promote inheritance laws which protect women.

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26. Your silence is complicit in violence against women. Speak up to bring change!

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27. Women’s bodies do not exist for you to stare at and cause discomfort.

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28. The responsibility of your izzat does not lie in the hands of women. Let them live their lives freely.

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29. Rest in power, Qandeel, and all those who have lost their lives for refusing to live under patriarchal norms. 

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30. Shout out to these women for speaking up for greater inclusion of women in politics!

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31. Women deserve the right to occupy public spaces without any fear!

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32. War is never the answer. Feminism calls for peace across all borders.

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33. No one should be made to feel unsafe to walk or travel alone.

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34. Educate. Inform. Make aware.

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35. Women aren’t trying to take revenge on or one-up men. All they want is access to basic human rights for all.

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36. Calling out double standards.

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37. On resilience.

38. Clever wordplay.

39. On alliances.

40. Consent is important.

41. And finally, revisiting a classic.

So, there you have it, some of the most important signs from Aurat March 2019. Comment down below to tell us what your favorite poster was and let us know if our list includes any of your favorites!


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