Foodpanda's First Female Food Delivery Rider Just Shared Her Story And It's Absolutely Incredible

By Owais Bin Asad | 10 Mar, 2019

International Women’s Day was just two days ago and we saw huge success in the shape of Aurat March. Keeping up with the spirit, we’re gonna take a look at the story of Foodpanda’s first ever female food delivery rider.

Women in Pakistan have to face a lot of opposition when they decide to take any matter into their own hands. Raising their voice for their rights has been a taboo for a long time. The concept of a woman working has long been considered wrong. But slowly, things are changing for the good.

Meet Rubab Jubani – a photography enthusiast and a part-time food delivery rider.

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She signed up as a rider to fulfill her love for bikes and to earn for herself and her family. But it wasn’t easy. She says that she had to face a lot of staring and comments from people when they saw her on the road, cutting through traffic.

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I can’t even imagine how difficult it must get for her to deal with this on a daily basis. In a country where women are denied fundamental human rights, a woman like Rubab, with her bravery and confidence, has surely had to face a lot of resistance.

Talking about the comments she hears about herself, she said that riding a bike should be normal for girls and it shouldn’t be considered inappropriate at all.

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As an independent woman, she wanted to earn for herself and her family while also benefiting from the flexible hours that this job has.

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When asked if she liked her job, she said that she likes it a lot and her favorite part was seeing a customer’s smiling face when she delivers the food.

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She also said that women in our society should work more and become independent.

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Of course, this trickles down to each woman’s choice. You do you.

In the end, she left us all a very powerful message too: “If you have faith in yourself, nothing can come between you and your dreams.”

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Women like Rubab keep reminding us that nothing is impossible. You can watch the whole video here:

Ride to success!

This Women's day, let's celebrate courage and passion of some of the greatest women around us! Meet Rubab, foodpanda's first delivery shero riding against all odds!

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What did you think of her story? Did it motivate you to take that one step forward? Let us know in the comments below!


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