15 Photos Of Lahore Before And After The Smog That'll Make You Wonder Where It All Went Wrong

By Sajeer Shaikh | 1 Nov, 2019

The Lahore smog is back again

As we all know, Lahore’s been all up in smog again. Visibility is at an all-time low and people have even been killed as a result of the smog’s heavy shrouding blanket in the city.

According to the Air Quality Index, too, the situation is pretty concerning. 

Now that a heavy cover of smog combined with fog has enveloped Lahore, we thought that if nothing else will make people care about the environment, a reminder of what Lahore looked like before the smog might just help a little. So let’s have a look at what Lahore looked like before the smog, and what it looks like after the smog.

Just FYI: we kinda sorta predicted this a while ago.


1. The Lahore we all once knew was visible from near and far, and looked absolutely stunning, too.

Source: dostpakistan.pk

2. Now, however, you can barely see Lahore enough to appreciate its immense beauty.

Via Twitter/ Danyal Gilani

3. The Lahore that once reveled in great majesty…

Source: radio.gov.pk

4. …now lies enveloped by a poisonous layer of smog.

Source: Daily Times

5. Where you could once appreciate its grandeur with a clear and crisp view…

Source: worldpolicy.org

6. …you are now left gaping at the scenery, struggling to see what’s behind the thick, smoky layers.

Source: Batool Waheed

7. The Lahore that was once bright and lit up…

Source: interamerica.org

8. …seems to have been dulled down by the damage to its environment.

Via tribune.com.pk

9. The same Lahore that housed its inhabitants with glee and fervor…

Source: Wikipedia

10. …now seems to be pleading to those very inhabitants to make them care about its worsening state.

Source: dawn.com

11. In fact, people are now seen to gear up and opt for protective measures from the very same smog.

Via Twitter/PTI

12. Lahore’s lively streets – full of color and joy…

Source: en.wikipedia.org

13. …seem desolate – like Lahore is giving up.

Source: tribune.com.pk

14. Lahore, the heart of our nation…

Source: Ali Chaudhary

15. …seems to be tugging at the hearts of its inhabitants, begging them to pay it some attention and be helpful in any way whatsoever.

Via Twitter/Tech Review Pakistan

Doesn’t this break your heart? It sure breaks mine, and I’m not even from Lahore. If you want to know how to stay safe in this smog and what you can do to help, head on over here. Everything around us is giving us signs that Nature is fighting back. Perhaps it’s time we stopped aggravating it in the first place.

Do you have anything you’d like to share with us regarding the smog? Let us know in the comments below.

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