Sheikh Rashid Said Passengers Are Responsible For Tezgam Incident And People Are Pissed

By Janita Tahir | 31 Oct, 2019

Sheikh Rashid blamed Tezgam incident on passengers

Today Pakistan was shaken by yet another deadly railway accident. A train going from the city of Karachi to Rawalpindi caught fire near Rahim Yar Khan on Thursday, 31st October, and at least 65 people were reported killed.


The Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid, while expressing sorrow for the deceased, stated that the passengers were to be blamed for the tragedy and not the Railways

Apparently, the fire was caused because some passengers brought in gas cylinders and cooking oil with them, that they were using to make breakfast. The situation allegedly went awry when the oil caught fire and led to this haunting disaster.


People of Pakistan are furious at Sheikh Rashid for his callous remarks

Pakistanis think its unfair of the railway minister to blame the victims in this time of sorrow. After all, if railway operations were going smoothly, how could those cylinders make it inside the train in the first place?


They reiterated that the Railways is responsible to keep a tight check on what enters the trains

After all, when the guidelines clearly prohibit the entry of such dangerous materials, the overlooking of such incidences fall under negligence by the railway security.


People questioned why there was a need for these cylinders on the train in the first place if Railways was so efficient in providing quality food

If the railways came equipped with proper arrangements for the passengers, they wouldn’t have had to resort to these measures. People wonder when will reforms come?


Many are demanding the immediate resignation of Sheikh Rashid 

Pakistanis have termed this criminal negligence on the railway minister’s part. Especially, because this accident is far from a single occurrence. Pakistan’s railway situation has deteriorated over time and people have had enough of it.

The public outrage seems justified. It’s high time Pakistani Railways incorporated necessary reforms. Tight security checks are essential and this sort of criminal negligence should surely be condemned. We pray for the lives lost in this terrible accident and offer deep condolences to their loved ones.


Sheikh Rashid Brutally Trolled India On An Indian Channel, No Less, And That’s The Level Of Savagery I Aspire To


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