Sunny Deol Just Said Kartarpur Is His Home & That's Why He’s Coming To Pakistan

By Maryam Malik | 8 Nov, 2019

Sunny Deol nikla gaddi le ke Kartarpur aaya…

Pakistan’s relationship with India has been fraught ever since the birth of the two countries but particularly after the August 5, 2019 incident. India removed Article 370 of its constitution that protected the status of Jammu and Kashmir. India also initiated a communications blackout and occupied the territory of Kashmir illegally. Thanks to the maturity of leaders in Pakistan that hasn’t affected the recently improved relations with Sikh community and kept the Kartarpur corridor opened. Many important Indian figures are coming to Pakistan through the corridor, including former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. One such personality has got a lot of Pakistanis very excited.


Bollywood actor Sunny Deol is coming for Kartarpur Corridor’s inauguration ceremony to Pakistan tomorrow

“If I won’t go, who will? I’ll definitely go. It is my area and my home,” he said while talking to the Indian News Agency. The actor turned politician is a BJP lawmaker from India’s Gurdaspur district and will be a part of the official contingent that will be arriving here in Pakistan on November 9 along with other noted names like Navjot Singh Sidhu who’s lovingly called Sidhu Paa Jee in Pakistan


Pakistanis found their unique way to welcome Sunny Deol to Kartarpur

Sunny Deol Kartapur 1
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Others just had a simple question

Sunny Deol Kartarpur 2
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Many are making references to the hilarious jokes from his movies as Sunny Deol comes to Kartarpur

Sunny Deol Kartarpur 3
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Sunny Deol Kartarpur 4
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Sunny Deol Kartarpur 5
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Some people also had concerns that Sunny Deol coming to Kartarpur is weird because of his anti-Pakistan movies from his career

Sunny Deol Kartarpur 6
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Sunny Deol Kartarpur 7
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Just recently Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced that there will be no need for a passport for Sikh pilgrims visiting Kartarpur

Imran Khan had said that Sikh pilgrims from India would not need a passport to travel to Kartarpur and no fee would be charged from them on the opening day of the corridor, either.

The corridor will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Pakistani side, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi will declare it open on the Indian side.

While tensions between the two countries remain at an all-time high, Kartarpur is being hailed by many as a momentous occasion for the Sikh community who have important religious landmarks on both sides of the Punjab and have always come between the crossfire of the two governments. There is, thanks to Kartarpur, after all, hope that these tensions can somehow someday be resolved.


Oh Teri, Navjot Singh Sidhu Just Said That Visiting Pakistan Is Better Than Visiting South India & Indians Are Pissed


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