Froggy Got Punched In The Face At Her Meet Up In Karachi And This Is Getting Out Of Hand Now

By Maliha Khan | 6 May, 2019

With the recent controversies surrounding Pakistani YouTubers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Sham Idrees and his wife, Froggy, were physically attacked at their recent meet-up in Karachi.


Froggy getting physically assaulted at a meet up in Karachi is extremely disgusting

Froggy got punched in the face at their latest meet up in Karachi’s Ocean Mall by someone who was part of a group of protestors chanting pro-Ducky Bhai slogans.

At their last meet-up in Lahore, it seemed like Ducky Bhai’s entire Army showed up to humiliate and embarrass the two. With the number of people that showed up and the threats the two were getting, what happened yesterday was basically foreshadowing.


Sham posted a heartfelt message about the messed up meet-up on his Instagram story.

“I’m sorry to all the fans especially the kids who were pushed around and got hurt at the meet and greet. An individual attacked my wife and this is heartbreaking. Hurting women and children is what we have come down to? We will explain everything in detail shortly.”

There have been videos circulating on the internet. In the videos, Sham can be seen being pushed and shoved by what it looks like two people. Sham is surrounded by Froggy, his brother, Froggy, and guards. All of these people can be seen getting physically attacked and it’s not a pretty sight.

Via Youtube/@ShamIdrees


Pakistani YouTubers like Mooroo and Awesamo have condemned physical violence against Froggy

Awesamo, for example went on to explain that he feels he somehow contributed to the series of events that took place at Sham’s Meet and Greet. In the past, he has posted videos on YouTube giving his two cents about the controversies surrounding Sham. The video was close to hitting a million views, but Awesamo took down the video to stop from further spreading hate.

Source: KhujLee Family/YouTube

If posting videos and taking sides turns violent and physical, Awesamo says he does not want to be a part of it and wishes to remain positive. He believes this is the perfect time to come together to promote love and peace in Pakistan. He wishes to grow strong together and to stick together.


Let’s get this straight, no matter what team you are on or what you think about Sham and Froggy, in no world is it okay to physically assault someone.

Nahi pasand toh na dekho, nahi pasand toh ignore karo, don’t take time out of your day to show up at their meet and greet and hurt/tease them physically. Have some respect and keep your hands off of other people. Actually, I don’t even think it is okay to use certain jargon and language against others. It truly is completely uncalled and inappropriate. Hate can be addressed in more passive methods and differences can be addressed in other ways as well.

With the new trend of apologies and promoting positivity within the YouTubers of Pakistan, this is what we should all be collectively aiming to do.

Watch the video below:



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