In Their Phadda With Ducky Bhai, Here's How Many Subscribers Sham Idrees And Shahmeer Abbas Have Lost Already

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 May, 2019

Sham Idrees & Shahmeer Abbas might have shot themselves in their own foot

If you follow even a single Pakistani YouTuber, you will probably know that there is beef in the Pakistani YouTube community. Almost every major Pakistani YouTuber has made a video or posted on their social media about who’s side they’re on; Ducky Bhai’s or Sham Idrees. Awesamo, Mooroo, Irfan Junejo, Rahim Pardesi, Zaid Ali T and more all clearly took Ducky Bhai’s side.


In his fight with Ducky Bhai one “big” Pakistani YouTuber  is on Sham Idrees’ side, Shahmeer Abbas

Even though it probably backfired for Shahmeer since he has deleted both the videos he had made in defense of Sham Idrees but he’s continuing to stand by his friend.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas official/YouTube

And you might be wondering why he did that? Is it because he is no longer on Sham’s side? Nope. That’s not it since he appears in Sham’s latest vlog. But notice the initial insistence by Sham asking all his followers to subscribe to Shahmeer’s channel right away.

If you’re wondering why that is; it’s possibly because ever since Shahmeer uploaded a video ‘exposing’ Ducky Bhai, which has since then been deleted (but don’t worry you can read about it here). After he uploaded the video he lost A LOT of subscribers. Enough to bring his 1.3 million subscribers down to 1.2 million.

Source: Shahmeer Abbas / YouTube


In the span of two days, Shahmeer Abbas lost about 16,000 subscribers which is a huge number

And his number of subscribers kept on dwindling which is probably why he deleted both the videos he had made against Ducky Bhai.



While Sham, on the other hand, seemed to be doing just fine probably because he was smart enough to not comment on Ducky Bhai’s accusation.

Or it could just be the fact that he is not a tiny YouTuber who gets affected by petty phaddas.



But Ducky Bhai on the other hand, benefited from this entire thing A LOT

He has gained about 100,o00 subscribers through one video. Now that’s impressive.


According to Social Blade, a website for YouTuber statistics, Ducky might have earned A LOT of money from just his one video, also. then again, we don’t know if this number is accurate since it is calculated by a third party and even they don’t claim that it’s anywhere near accurate but the maximum the website calculated he could have earned was around $20,000, and damn, that’s A LOT of money.

The statistics for subscribers on the website are legit, and the numbers also show who audiences are clearly siding with. Honestly, if the numbers are anything to go by, it clearly is the year of the duck. The same thing happened last time when Ducky and Sham Idrees started their YouTube beef. Ducky gained a lot of subscribers, while Sham’s channel started to see a drop in its average daily subscriber count.

Which is probably why Sham was smart enough not to upload a video against Ducky Bhai himself this time but might have used Shahmeer as his mouthpiece instead. In fact, he went out of his way to depict, that Ducky and he had cleared out their issues.

source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/ Youtube

And now that Shahmeer has deleted both the videos he made against Ducky, we have yet to see if they make a difference to his subscriber count and help him in regaining his lost glory. But out of all of this, one thing is clear, don’t mess with Ducky Bhai because the man clearly benefits from it.

Who’s side are you on in this Pakistani YouTube war? Let us know in the comments below.


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