Shahmeer Abbas Just Responded To Ducky Bhai And Honestly I Don't Even Know What To Believe Anymore

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Apr, 2019

Well, at least Sham has Shahmeer Abbas in his corner?

If you thought that it was the end of the Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai feud when the two decided they would no longer make videos about the other, you were SO WRONG. Sham Idrees said he wanted to bury the hatched because of Ramazan arriving soon, while Ducky merely said he wanted to pretend Sham Idrees didn’t exist. All of this was almost a year ago.


Fast forward to now, the beef between Sham and Ducky has officially been reignited

Source: Ducky Bhai / YouTube

It started when Sham posted a video where he claimed he talked to Ducky Bhai and insinuated the two had buried the hatchet. He made a video of him on the phone with Ducky.

In response to Sham’s video. Ducky said that he had no idea that the call was being recorded and when he found out that it might end up on the internet, he told Shahmeer not to post any private conversations he had had online. But the clip ended up in a video and was, in fact, the title of the video.


According to Ducky Bhai, Sham relentlessly pursued Ducky Bhai through Shahmeer Abbas, asking for him to make a collaboration video with him

source: Sham Idrees VLOGs / YouTube

Ducky said no every time and requested them to stop asking him since he wouldn’t change his mind. After this, Sham allegedly threatened Ducky Bhai, insinuating he knew where his father worked and where he lived.


Now, Shahmeer Abbas Shah just came in to respond to Ducky Bhai’s video against Sham Idrees

But according to Shahmeer Abbas’ latest video, this isn’t the whole truth. He starts off the video talking about how disappointed he is that Ducky dragged him in the video considering he was there for him in his time of need.

According to Shahmeer, Ducky had only made the video for monetary gains since the video had 4 ads in them. He then says that Sham Idrees merely wanted to sort things out with Ducky but because of Ducky’s arrogance, this never came to fruition.

source: Shahmeer Abbas YouTube

But here comes the kicker, Shahmeer Abbas had also made a video against Sham Idrees, which Ducky had included in his video. In the video, Shahmeer calls Sham untalented and the title asked the audience to ‘stop promoting useless talent’. Shahmeer at this point plays a voice note from Ducky Bhai encouraging Shahmeer to make a video against Sham since everyone was doing it and it was an easy way to get views.

According to Shahmeer, Ducky had practically ‘brainwashed’ him into making the video. But it’s not that dramatic honestly, Shahmeer is an adult who could have said no and used his own better judgment. He realized his mistake in including Sham Idrees in the video and the pinned comment under the video was acknowledging that.


The rest of the video is Shahmeer debunking things Ducky had said, such as their (Sham and Shahmeer’s) meet and greet being a fail

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGs / YouTube

He then took issue with the fact that Ducky called Shahmeer an idiot for saying on camera that he thought Sham’s pranks were real. At this point, he plays a voice note allegedly from Ducky to Sham, in which Ducky says having scripted pranks is fine as long as they are entertaining. Even though this is one of the biggest issues Ducky apparently had with Sham’s content.

In the end, he talks about how he collaborated with Sham because he is a Pakistani and he wanted to promote peace within the Pakistani YouTube community. And of course, he collaborated with Sham because everyone on YouTube does collaborations.

As for the claim of Ducky Bhai’s father receiving fake calls from officials about Ducky’s involvement in cybercrime, Shahmeer shows an official complaint Sham had lodged days before the video on 20th April; which makes no sense, to be honest? Why did Sham Idrees even lodge a complaint to begin with if he wanted to extend the proverbial olive branch towards Ducky.


Honestly, this is a big ol’ mess

Source: 10 by 10 Entertainment


I don’t even know what or who to believe at this point because of the fact that things can definitely be manipulated in YouTube videos.

All of Pakistani YouTube appears to be on one side while Shahmeer and Sham are on the other. Let’s see if Sham addresses this entire controversy surrounding him. His latest video was titled ‘I’M SORRY’, and considering the man is king of clickbait, it wasn’t an apology to Ducky like you’d assume but just a montage of his Islamabad meet and greet and him apologizing to fans about not being able to spend more time with them…

You can watch Shahmeer’s video here:

Who’s side are you on in this mess? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Shahmeer Abbas / YouTube

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