STILL Don't Know What This Sham Idrees Drama Is About? Here's Your Ultimate Guide

By Biya Haq | 15 May, 2018

For the past week or so, you may have been noticing some intense YouTube drama taking over the Internet.

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Like, intense.

However, we do realize that the sequence of events in the last week or so have been pretty confusing. The back and forth between the YouTube stars have been exceptionally hard to follow.

From Ducky to Sham to Froggy to Shaveer Jafry to Zaid Ali T’s Mom (??), it’s been a HECK of a YouTube ride.

^ To sum up.

SO, to avoid further confusion, we have decided to outline all the videos in the Ducky/Sham insanity to help you understand everything.

Let’s start with exhibit A, the video that started it all.

Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy, two Pakistani Canadian YouTube personalities with massive followings respectively, were involved in a car accident. Once safe, Sham started recording the collision and continued to do so throughout his own injury. It was traumatizing for the three of them and subsequent videos even showed Froggy recovering in the hospital. This video itself garnered 1.4 million views.

Moving on to exhibit B, the introduction of Ducky Bhai.

Ducky Bhai, another Pakistani YouTuber, like many others, had been watching Sham’s videos and, let’s just say, he wasn’t the biggest fan.

Ducky pretty much exposed Sham and Froggy for their ‘Fake’ content, saying every prank and every video was basically a fraud and that nothing about his content was authentic. He even brought up the accident and directly called it a call for attention. This video got 2.3 MILLION views.

Which brings us to Exhibit C, where all the fun started.

It’s pretty simple, Sham saw the video and decided to make a rebuttal video to Ducky Bhai’s ‘Hidden Truth’ expose. In THIS video, Sham referred to a number of accusations brought up in Ducky’s initial video and addressed them head-on. And yes, it was pretty much as childish as it sounds.

Speaking of childish, let’s direct our eyes to Exhibit D.

Source: Queen Froggy Via: YouTube

QUEEN FROGGY MADE ANOTHER REBUTTAL VIDEO TO HER ‘HATER VIDEOS.’ *Deep breaths*. Unfortunately, it seems as if she took down the video, so we can’t link it here. BUT, we did see it initially so we can tell you what was in there. Froggy took the time out to screenshot messages, tweets, and images of Ducky bhai in order to prove herself innocent.

And just when we thought it was getting a little too ridiculous, Exhibit E.

We were wrong.




Source: 3 Arts Entertainment

(All of us at this point in time.)

So to regroup, these three were having the time of their lives collecting views and increasing (and decreasing) their number of followers by throwing around all of these videos.

Then FINALLY, the focus shifted off of YouTube and away from all of the crazy back and forth videos. But don’t worry, it didn’t end there, the drama moved to Twitter.

Sham decided to try and make amends. We think.

But Ducky Bhai was not really into it. We know.

Source: @Duckybhai Via: Twitter

Which is when other Pakistani YouTubers took their cue to get involved too.

Shaveer Jafry, another Pakistani Canadian YouTuber even made an entire video addressing the feud between Sham and Ducky.

In the video, he commented on the entire #TinyYouTubers debate and called out everyone else for putting each other down, saying that in order to flourish as Pakistani YouTubers, they should all stick together instead of going against each other.


Also, she’s adorable. Just saying.

Source: Naheed Noor Via: YouTube

It was pretty much a lecture on how YouTubers show real life, their authentic selves and how criticism for the sake of criticism is at the hands of followers. Pretty unnecessary, but whatever. Happy Mama’s day. Love you.

And well, since we know how interested all of you were in this whole issue, we wanted to provide just a little more entertainment.

We sat down with Mooroo to talk about Sham, Ducky and losing our insanity.

Hehe, love you.

SO THAT’S ALL FOLKS! We’ll end it on that sweet note because that’s all we have for you so far. This YouTube drama has been completely insane yet WILDLY entertaining and we have a feeling it is not even close to being over yet.

What do you guys think of the drama? Did we leave anything out? Is this all a little too dramatic? Lets us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: @ShamIdrees Via Twitter/Pinterest/@Duckybhai Via: YouTube/Shahveer Jafry Via: YouTube

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