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YouTuber Sham Idrees Is Being Savagely Trolled Right Now And It’s Kind Of A Train Wreck

YouTuber Sham Idrees Is Being Savagely Trolled Right Now And It’s Kind Of A Train Wreck

YouTuber and digital media celebrity Sham Idrees has found himself in trouble with fans. He is being trolled very badly by people on the internet right about now and it’s kind of hard to watch, to be very honest.


So what is all this drama with Sham Idrees and why is he being trolled?

While the hatred against him isn’t really new, Sham has been getting trolled a little bit more than regular ever since the “accident” he and Froggy, his friend and collaborator, were involved in.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube


Many called the two out for faking the accident or using it for drama and attention

And in an attempt to clear the air, Sham tried to prove that he really was hurt in the accident

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

But to no avail.


Recently, another YouTuber, Ducky Bhai made a video criticizing Sham and Froggy

In a no holds barred video, Ducky went all in on the trolling. He called Sham ‘Scam Idrees’ for faking the incidents and developments in his life for attention. He also called them some other NSFW terms that, to be honest, are actually pretty hilarious. So good job on the humor front, Ducky Bhai.


And Ducky’s video is currently the top trending video on YouTube in Pakistan

Via: YouTube


People of the internet love the video and the massive trolling meted out to Sham and Froggy


The term that was invented by Ducky has even been addressed by the cult ‘Urban Dictionary’


People even agree that Sham Idrees isn’t funny, in general


And some are using his name as a gaali


While some people are enjoying the trolling for its humor, there are those who’ve gone a little overboard with the hate against Sham


Even Indians stepped in


Despite the cacophony, there were some voices of reason


Sham himself addressed the situation with (dare we say) a bit of arrogance but no one was having it



So, what do you think about Sham and Froggy? Do you think they’re fake AF or is the hatred against them a little too much?


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