Ducky Bhai Exposed Sham Idrees AGAIN After Sham Threatened His Family And It's Messier Than Before

By Manahil | 27 Apr, 2019

So I’m sure all of you know about the ongoing tension between Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees. The whole shenanigan started when Ducky Bhai called out Sham for posting scripted pranks and fake videos, specifically that video – yes the one about the accident. Well, a whole cascade of videos were to follow but honestly, you can catch up on that over here.

What happened recently though, was that Sham and his wife, Froggy arrived in Pakistan.

And they came with this new attitude of #Together4Pakistan and wanted to make peace with a bunch of YouTubers who they had bad blood with.

The first was Shahmeer Abbas.

Shahmeer once called Sham, “Scam Iblees” and said that his whole life was made because of Zaid Ali T. Well, those days are apparently behind us because it seems like Sham has won him over and now the two are pretty good friends, to say the least.

source: Shahmeer Abbas Official Via Youtube

Shahmeer even spent the night at Sham’s house and completely took back his words saying that he now thinks his pranks aren’t scripted and the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via Youtube

Well in that same video, with the help of Shahmeer – Sham reached out to Ducky Bhai and talked to him. The whole conversation was pretty civil and friendly.

Sham says, “Jo bhi hamari misunderstandings, sab ko khatam karein InshAllah”, adding that they should meet up soon and fix the miscommunication between them. He also told Ducky Bhai that “everyone should move on and be friends”. Ducky Bhai was on board, saying “exactly”. The two ended the call and that was that. Or was it?


source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via Youtube

In Ducky Bhai’s new video, which is btw number one on trending in Pakistan on YouTube, he let us know what was really – and I mean really – going on behind the scenes.

Leave it to Ducky Bhai to set the record straight. He said Sham Idrees only came to Pakistan for one reason – to fix his reputation. He goes on to talk about the call between them which was recorded and posted in one of Sham’s recent videos. But guess what? Ducky Bhai tells us that that was done without his consent or permission. And forget recording the call – once Ducky Bhai found out that the call was recorded, he specifically asked for it not to be posted online.

And of course, Ducky Bhai serif baatein toh nahi karte. He posted a WhatsApp screenshot between him and Shahmeer showing exactly what was said.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

Ducky Bhai said he made it clear to Sham through Shahmeer that he does not want to meet nor collab – at all. But despite that, Sham went on and said un dono ki sula hogai. YIKES.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

And to prove that he hasn’t been the only one who was played by Sham, he used a bunch of examples.


Exhibit A: Shahveer Jafry

Ducky Bhai stated that they were once friends and then had a fallout. When he asked Shahveer about why the fall out happened, Shahveer told him that it was because his younger brother, Sunny, collaborated with Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees allegedly wasn’t cool with it. Therefore, he ended the friendship. However, Shahveer said he couldn’t care less what Sham is doing with his life as he’s busy doing his own thing.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

Exhibit B: Zaid Ali T

So Ducky Bhai says that everyone knows that Sham Idrees is only famous because of Zaid. Sham’s first few videos all had Zaid in the title and in the thumbnail but right when he became popular, he changed the titles and thumbnails of these videos.

Well, Ducky Bhai talked to Zaid as well and asked him how he felt when Sham removed his name from the videos, but Zaid remained calm and said “Public pagal nahi hai” He also added that he wishes he wasn’t a part of the videos any longer either. Ouch.

Zaid also said that the reason that they aren’t friends anymore is that he doesn’t like Sham’s content and because Sham spread lies about Zaid’s family.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

Exhibit C: Mooroo

Mooroo also had a similar story to share. He said he had collaborated with another content creator and Sham stole that script, word for word. And at Lux Style Awards, Mooroo said that Sham pretended not to recognize him. But later on, Sham used Mooroo’s name in a video along with a few other YouTuber’s names.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

But Ducky Bhai said he was willing to let it go and not make this video. He only posted a small one, 2 minutes long, on his Instagram story, without even mentioning Sham’s name.

But when Sham saw it, he began to threaten Ducky Bhai and his parents. He called Ducky Bhai’s dad and told him hat his son was involved in cybercrime. Yep – he went there.

Ducky Bhai said that if he was quiet this time, he’d be quiet for life. And he knew he had to make this video and give a final statement.

source: Ducky Bhai Via Youtube

So, as entertaining as it was, it’s taken a pretty dangerous turn if you ask me. No one needs to go that far because of “internet-beef”. Sham should take a chill pill.

If you guys wanna watch the full video, here it is:


STILL Don’t Know What This Sham Idrees Drama Is About? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide


Cover image via Ducky Bhai/YouTube

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