The Lota Is One Of The Greatest Inventions Ever And I'm Here To Tell You Why

By Maliha Khan | 27 Apr, 2019

When you think of the word lota, what comes to mind? A container-like object used to clean your nether regions? Well, that is the primary use of one, but you do not realize the importance of it until you do not have it. Trust me on this. But, seriously, let me walk you through why I think it’s a crucial invention:

1. Cleans every crack and crevice

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I mean. It’s definitely a do-it-yourself-friendly technique, but can you really trust anyone else more than yourself for a job that is this important?

2. Toilet paper? Wipes? Uh, no thanks

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Who needs toilet paper and wipes when a lota can do it all faster and more efficiently? Also…I still firmly believe that only a lota can properly clean stuff out, you know? You need some moistness, don’t you think?

3. Hygiene bhe koi cheez hoti hai

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Using a lota for cleansing purposes keeps up with an individual’s hygiene as well. It may not seem like an important enough reason, but the number of infections and bacteria that can be created due to the absence of hygiene down there…trust me, you don’t want to know. (But you should).

4. You can easily avoid the, “Yeh smell kahan se aarahi hai?” question

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It’s a simple flow chart.

Use the bathroom -> clean yourself properly using a lota -> avoid any unnecessary/unneeded attachments -> keep yourself gross odor-free.

Seriously though, just use a damn lota and keep yourself clean.

5. Your undergarments stay clean and fresh too

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Save yourself the laundry ki khwari and just do it right the first time around. Water in a lota is the answer to many of your woes.


6. No extra trash

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Using a lota with water creates no extra waste, which means no unnecessary garbage needs to be taken out. Which is gross AF anyway, so good riddance.

7. It’s not just there to clean your body

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It’s always within your hand’s reach. Kabhi magga na miley toh lotay se bathroom saaf karlo. With a lota and a good flow of water, the possibilities are endless.

8. Can you imagine not using a lota?

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N A S T Y.

9. It’s multi-functional 

Not only can you clean yourself and use the lota as a container in general, but you can also make use of it when you’re in a bit of a pickle.  Tank se paani overflow ho raha hai? Lota nal ke neeche daal dou. Also, for instance, while we may mostly use it for bathroom-related stuff, it’s useful in stuff like yoga too. There’s a lot more to the common lota than meets the eye, folks.

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10. You’re always in on the “watering can” joke

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Since it looks like something that plants and flowers can be watered with, often our Western counterparts believe them to be used for that very action. Honestly, there’s potential for this joke to be dragged and played out. This is future content. A Vlog in the making.

11. It’s an unthanked object that asks for so little, yet does so much

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Nothing would be the same if it didn’t exist.

Let us know below why you love the lota. And if you’re a Muslim shower enthusiast instead…well, we’ll get to you too.



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