So, Zaid Ali Just Commented About Sham And Ducky Bhai's Latest Phadda And This Just Keeps Getting Better

By Noor | 29 Apr, 2019

So we all know the entire saga which revolves around the critical bond between Sham Idrees and Ducky bhai, right? Since the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Sham in Pakistan, the things have been getting messier than before.


Since his arrival inn Pakistan, Sham Idrees has been eager to make peace with a bunch of YouTubers who shared an unpleasant relationship with him


Shaam Idrees made a collaboration video with Shahmeer Abbas, who in the past had referred to him as ‘Scam Iblees

Shahmeer even helped Sham to reach Ducky Bhai and since then the things have gotten out of control.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS/YouTube

Despite the fact, that Ducky bhai had specifically asked Sham to NOT post the call recording online still it was included in Sham’s vlog. Ducky bhai made it clear to Sham through Shahmeer that he did NOT want to meet Sham. He went on to say that he had NO plan of collaborating with Sham for any video. He ended his text by wishing good luck to Sham Idrees.


Soon the things took another ugly turn and Sham Idrees allegedly threatened Ducky bhai and his parents

Source: Ducky Bhai/ YouTube


YouTubers have started taking sides now and Zaid Ali T FINALLY decided to speak up on the matter

Zaid started off by narrating his experience when Ducky bhai made a roast video on him. He said that he was pretty okay with all of this and he even called Ducky bhai and told him that he enjoyed the whole thing. Upon being asked that if he wants to get the video removed, Zaid said no and asserted that it’s kind of content which Ducky bhai makes and it should NOT be changed for anyone. Though, later Ducky bhai deleted that video out of respect.

He stated that Ducky bhai was forced to remove the video and also lost his fan page. Zaid went on to say that public figures should learn to deal with the criticism in a decent way.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube


Zaid stated that criticism should NOT be used to generate hatred or be the reason for conflict

He also said that this all should NOT be used to destroy someone. Zaid also discussed how Sham had earlier referred to Ducky bhai as a tiny YouTuber and the humble attitude of Ducky bhai has earned him the support of entire Pakistan. He asserted that humility is the key to success.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube


Zaid condemned the ways via which Sham was allegedly forcing Ducky bhai for a video collaboration

He went on to explain that if there’s a bad history between two people then things take time and you can’t just expect over-night miracles. He also stated that you can’t force someone via shoving friendship down the throat of that person. Zaid said that things don’t work this way and people can see the real intentions of others.

Source: Sham Idrees Vlogs/ YouTube


While commenting on the way Ducky bhai’s parents were threatened, Zaid said that’s very low and totally unacceptable

He said that being a public figure, one has an impact on masses thus the actions should be taken wisely. The actions taken by Sham due to his ego issues have united the entire YouTube community against him, and the vloggers have finally started discussing this issue.

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs/YouTube

He concluded the video by urging Sham to seek an apology from Ducky bhai and his family. He further said that maafi mangnay say koi chota nahe hota and admitting your mistakes add to one’s respect. He ended the video by saying he has also made mistakes in his past and he used the opportunity to publicly apologize from anyone who has been ever harmed via his actions or words.


You can watch Zaid’s whole video here


So, what’s your take on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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