13 Pakistani Men Whose Desperate Ads Looking For Sex Online Will Make You Cringe SO DAMN HARD

By Aam Nawab | 28 Apr, 2019

Dating in Pakistan can be pretty tough. First off, it’s technically not ‘allowed.’ The only kind of ‘dating’ permissible is the halal date you go on with your fiancé and his mom and sister and khala and dadi, about a month or so before your wedding.


So, it didn’t come as a surprise when I stumbled upon quite a few Pakistani folks looking for some love. Well, paid love.

Source: Miramax Films

These men have put out paid ads for girlfriends and lol, honestly – some of them don’t even look that bad.


1. Like this gentleman helping a young college student make 30K worth of pocket money

Source: locanto.com


2. Aww, sugar baby sounds so cute though.

Source: locanto.com


3. How about you get to tour your city and the dude’s bed while getting paid for it

Source: locanto.com


4. This guy needs girl friend not for sex but for login on email…. wait, what?

Source: locanto.com


5. Handsome payment for being a secret girlfriend… lol, aren’t most relationships in Pakistan in secret anyway?

Source: locanto.com


6. This gentleman here knows he needs his “physical, emotional, aesthetical, psychological and financial” needs serviced

Source: locanto.com


7. How about some 50 shades of grey scene?

Source: locanto.com


8. Or maybe you prefer this other Mr. Grey

Source: locanto.com


9. This guy has such blind trust he’s just publicly sharing his number

One of the main qualities of a working relationship.

Source: locanto.com


10. This eager beaver’s also not hesitant in sharing his details

Source: mingle2.com


11. While this one just wants to “make” sex

Source: mingle2.com


12. This guy’s offering you the “ultimate solution” to your monthly expenses

Source: locanto.com


13. And finally, this guy whose girl friend needs are only for 2 to 3 hours

Source: locanto.com


Look, before we play the shame game – let’s get one thing straight, dating and sex is a very normal thing. Not just in Pakistan, but literally everywhere in the world. As HUMANS. Men and women procreate, it’s how the world works and functions.

Okay most, if not all, of these posts may seem like sugar daddy posts lmao, but whatever. Adults are adults, they can do whatever they want using their better judgment but the CRINGE IS REAL. And these are just the tip of the surface 😉


What do you think about horny classified ads? Let us know in the comments section.



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