Iqra Aziz Just Defended Yasir Hussain After His Comment About The Transgender Community Got Massive Backlash

By Manahil | 28 Apr, 2019

Recently, a bit of controversy arose when Yasir Hussain posted a picture on Instagram in which he was dressed up as a transgender character. He received quite a bit of backlash due to a comment he answered. The comment was essentially asking, “Why don’t you guys hire actual transgenders?”, to which Yasir replied, “Matlab aap ko job chahiye?”. Well, it didn’t sit well with a lot of people and everyone was basically asking ‘if he can play a transgender role, why is he still making transphobic jokes?’

Well, Iqra Aziz came to his rescue and made a statement.

In her statement, Iqra starts off by saying that “all of the hate comments” are a “disappointment”.  She picks at the hypocrisy of those who are commenting and says, “you all call yourselves humans and want to make this world” a better place “lekin ap hi woh log hoty hain jo trans ko neighbors nahi bhi na banayein.

She goes on to say that, if anyone would like to “teach someone about right and wrong”, they should look at themselves first. And tells us that, as humans, “we should respect everyone”, and she points out that, “not only trans balky insaan“.

Lastly, she says, “I don’t want to offend anyone here”.

Iqra encourages everyone to be the good they want to see in this world. And to conclude her statement she asks that no one should misunderstand a public figure’s comment just to gain something out of it.

Here is the complete statement:

source: Iqra Aziz Via Instagram

Do you think she fully encompassed and addressed the entire situation? Let us know.


If Yasir Hussain Will Play A Transgender Character, Why Is He Still Making Transphobic Jokes?

Cover image via Iqra Aziz/Instagram

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