Shahmeer Abbas Just Wrote An Entire Essay To Prove He's The Best Kind Of YouTuber But He's Getting Trolled For It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Feb, 2019

Shahmeer Abbas really went for it.


Shahmeer Abbas happens to be a Pakistani YouTuber with over a million subscribers. He mostly uploads videos of him pranking the general public, and surprisingly he only has 58 uploads on his channel but has somehow managed to reach the monumental 1 million subscriber mark. Which is quite a feat for a Pakistani content creator.


Shahmeer is one of the few YouTubers from Pakistan who have more than a million subscribers

He also claims that he’s the youngest Pakistani YouTuber with a million subscribers.

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My old hairstyle and haircolor I miss them 🤣

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His most-watched videos include gems like ‘Getting Girls Numbers in Pakistan Prank. But my favorite has to be the Ass Distraction Prank’ video in which he has his friend don a long-haired wig and distract people with his ‘ass’. Sounds like amazing content, doesn’t it?


Due to, or maybe despite his popularity, a lot of people on the internet seem to love to troll Shahmeer


So of course, to give a response to all his detractors he just wrote an essay which basically concluded that he’s the best type of YouTuber

Well, Shahmeer Abbas definitely thinks so. So much so that he wrote an entire essay length status explaining why prank video creators were top of the food chain on YouTube. I don’t really know what prompted this essay from Shahmeer but he does mention how this is for all of his ‘haters’ and those who are ‘butthurt’ with his success.

I saw some butthurt jealous people were saying shit in comment sections and making videos about pranksters that our…

Gepostet von Shahmeer Abbas Shah am Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019

In his post, Shahmeer categorizers content creators on YouTube into four categories; pranksters, vloggers, funny videos and roasting. He says that being a vlogger is easy and if you have good equipment, you’re probably already more than halfway towards being the top vlogger in the country.

He also says that to be a funny skit maker on YouTube you only need an hour of shooting and that’s pretty much it. And for roasting, you need the least amount of effort. You can even steal jokes from your friends according to Shahmeer.

And finally, being a prankster not only requires putting your life at risk but also you risk damaging your equipment, which according to Shahmeer has happened to him quite a bit. He also talks about how it requires endless shooting of 5-6 hours and what not. And in the end, Shahmeer says he has proven that prank video producers are top of the food chain in the YouTube content creator hierarchy.


But a lot of people are clearly not convinced with his 849 word essay

Source: Shahmeer Abbas / Facebook


Source: Shahmeer Abbas / Facebook


Many were exhausted with the length of the essay

Source: Shahmeer Abbas / Facebook


Source: Shahmeer Abbas / Facebook.


Source: Shahmeer Abbas / Facebook


But then again, Shahmeer Abbas is no stranger to haters and hopefully just brushed it off.

What do you think of Shahmeer’s ranking of YouTube content creators? Let us know in the comments below.

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