YouTuber ‘Awesamo' Just Bought His Parents A New Home But His Whole Life Story Is Even More Inspiring

By Biya Haq | 9 Jan, 2019

I’m not crying, you are.

For many of us, growing up and making money means lots of things. We can all buy fancy cars, fancy clothes and fancier tech. However also just as equally important, being able to pay our parents back is absolutely priceless.

And this YouTuber just showed us just how absolutely amazing it can really be.


Raza Samo of ‘Awesamo Speaks’ on YouTube, just bought his parents a house and a car on his 25th birthday.

And his Instagram post on it was super touching.

Not to make it seem as though he was showing off his wealth, Samo specifically even mentioned that posting the gifts on social media was only meant to inspire and motivate people out there to work hard and then be able to bask in the benefits of that hard work.

And clearly, people were moved by the gesture made by him.

Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram


Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram


Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram


Even though in the caption Samo said he was getting ready to make a video on the whole experience, we reached out to him to get a few more details and it turns out, there was a lot more to the story then we thought

Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram

Raza began the story by telling us a little about his family. He said that his Father used to work in a motorcycle workshop and his Mother is a housewife and that Raza is the eldest of a very large family. His father had a dream for Raza that he would grow up to be important and successful so he began to teach him, as Raza said, all parents do for their kids.

Like many Pakistani young boys, Raza’s parents wanted him to be an Engineer, thus saved up some money and sent him to Islamabad to study Aerospace Engineering. Three and a half years into his degree, Raza was kicked out of his university for not performing well and was completely shattered.

During his time studying, Raza would get calls from his family, telling him that they were selling their land, their car and other assets to support him in his studies. One call, in particular, that was very emotional for Raza was that of his sister, who called him telling him that their mother had sold her jewellery as well and understandably, the guilt of it all sent him into depression.


At his college, Raza always felt as though he was a misfit. He was an artist, so while his teachers were teaching him in class, Samo would instead spend his time sketching.

Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram

Samo could and still can beatbox, sing and is a musician. He was very creatively inclined and felt as though he wasn’t in the right place at Engineering college. He was only interested in the arts as opposed to academics and was completely shattered when he had to drop out, knowing he had wasted his parent’s money and his own time.

After prepping for seven and a half months, Raza was able to pass the entrance exam at National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore but was denied admission as the interview portion of the process didn’t go as well, as Raza found himself confused and nervous.

On top of it all, Samo had started his YouTube channel in Islamabad with his friends. And though that was a creative outlet for himself, he had a number of relatives who would call his parents, asking them why he was wasting his time on these videos.

After dropping out of University and being rejected from NCA, Raza took a gap year. Most of his friends from Islamabad had all graduated and left for abroad, leaving Raza without his group of friends and more so, leaving him without a team for his YouTube channel.

Unable to get a job and not having other qualifications, Samo decided to work on his YouTube channel which at the time had a following of 15,000 subscribers. So, he started churning out content and decided to make it a career. After a bit of initial struggle with building an audience Raza finally started ‘Awesamo Speaks.’

His Father left the Motorcycle workshop and Raza’s entire family was now fully financially dependent on his income.

Eventually, he was able to move his family to Lahore, buy them back a house, a car and gave back all the assets they sold for him

Their reaction, according to Raza, was just as all parents reactions would be. Initially, though Raza’s Mother was very supportive of him, Raza’s Father wasn’t always proud of his son’s work as he didn’t always understand it.  People would stop Raza in the streets, and recognize him so his father eventually came around to the idea of his son being a successful YouTuber and grew quite proud of him. His father now has his friends meet Raza, telling them, “my son is a YouTuber”.

Source: RazaSamo8 Via Instagram

Raza said that one of the most emotional moments or in his words, ‘Aik awww wala moment,’ for him was when his youngest sister, in the fourth grade ran up to him, gave him a hug and said nothing but ‘Thank you Bhai.’

And the rest, as you probably already know, is history.

And literally, I cried during writing this. JUST SAYING.

Raza’s story is a lot more than just an Insta post, it’s the tale of a young man finding his way in the world and achieving success in pursuing the work that he loves the most. THIS is the truly inspiring lesson we should all take away from this story. Love you.

What did you guys think of Raza’s story? Let us know what you think in the comments below and follow Raza on YouTube!

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Cover photo source: Source: Fanstore/RazaSamo8

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