Juggun Kazim Just Opened Up About Her Miscarriage And It's Truly So Heartbreaking

By Arslan Athar | 9 Jan, 2019

Juggun Kazim has recently garnered a lot of social media attention through her YouTube channel. She’s really opened herself up to the internet and brought her fans into the fold of her life.


Juggun recently opened up about a very dark experience in her life

She spoke about a topic very close to her; her miscarriage from four years ago. She started with her marriage to her husband, Feisal Naqvi, and how, around the time of their wedding the topic of children came up. The couple decided they would have children whenever it would suit them, and their careers. Soon after her marriage, Juggun was back on TV, doing her morning show and also doing her first drama, in years.

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube


It was during this time, she says that she felt that she might be expecting a baby, but wasn’t too sure

She had a lot going on professionally at the time but eventually went to the doctor, where she found out she was 5 weeks pregnant.

Juggun admits that she was nervous, but with her husband’s support, she was at ease. She continued to work but definitely noticed how this pregnancy was more physically demanding for her.

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube


She reveals that one particular night, she was in lots of pain, but she wrote it off as exhaustion. 

Even her doctor didn’t seem too concerned. The next morning, during her show, her back pain intensified, so much so that after shooting the show, she had to be taken to the hospital. By the time she got there, her miscarriage had already begun.

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube


Juggun says that at that moment she hadn’t truly realized what had happened, but once she found out she had lost her baby she went home and cried. 

The emotional pain was far too great for her. Even after her husband consoled her, she said that she would wake up at night, crying. She admits that the next morning, she got up and went to work because she had to; because of which, people may have assumed she was fine, but really, internally she was incredibly sad. Juggun was already shooting a drama in this time, and because of those obligations, she had to complete shooting, but she talks about how it took her almost 4 years to recover to the point where she can return to drama sets and do her thing.

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube


She even talks about how sometimes she thinks about the baby she lost and how it could have been her first daughter. 

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube

Juggun also tackles the issue of how society sees miscarriage. 

She talks about how an ‘aunty’ said to her once ‘Beta khyal rakh leti tou ye na hota.’ Juggun said she heard this lots of times until one day she said ‘kya aap ye kehna cha rehi hai ke meinay apnay bachay ka khyal nahin rakha?’. We, as a people, don’t talk about miscarriages at all, despite the fact that they are very common.

Juggun, towards the end of her video, asks people to talk about miscarriage more often, to remove the ‘shame’ the parents sometimes have to endure. She says that such things are out of the control of people and we need to support each other, rather than sit back and go over the typical ‘agar magar’ narrative.

Source: Juggun Kazim / Youtube


Juggun shares a surprising statistic in her video; 1 in every 5 pregnancies end in miscarriages. That is a STARK number. The number of couples who are grieving is massive, but they have no one to talk to or someone to console them- we NEED to really change that, we need to hear them out, be there for them and help them get better.

You can watch her entire video here:


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Cover Photo Courtesy: Juggun Kazim / Youtube

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