This Ordinary Tweet About Chai Has Triggered A Shit Ton Of Pakistanis, We Find Out Why

By Biya Haq | 7 Feb, 2019

These are the discussions we really need to be having.

For years, there have been two kinds of people among Pakistanis. The ‘Burgers’ vs the ‘Pure Desis.”

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Now, don’t get me wrong, most of us usually use these terms in a light, funny way and never to offend anyone. So you can imagine that there has never really been a shortage of tweets and memes and references when it comes to calling someone out for being a ‘Burger’ or being super ‘Desi.’

There is one thing though, that every Pakistani in the world prioritizes over everything else and that is,

A really great cup of chai.

Source: Deenga

Oh. Yes.

However, this recent tweet on chai just triggered a shit ton of Pakistanis,

And brah, I am INCLUDED.

Ejaz Haider started the metaphorical hurricane when he compared a ‘chai latte’ to ‘dudh patti’ and it pretty much started a national debate on chai.

Oh yeah, it got pretty serious.

As we spoke about the great ‘Pakistani divide before,’ you know, the Burger/Desi one? You can guess what happened next.

Oh yes, the two groups went head to head in an epic battle to see who knew more about chai.

Gripping stuff.

On our right, we had basically ever Desi person ever who mocks your like for English music, American TV shows and Hollywood celebrity crushes.

And on our left, all the ‘Burger’ kids trying to ever so tediously describe and outline the exact differences between a chai latte and dudh patti, for their own sanity.

It seems that even outside of the usual realm of movies, music and media, ‘snobbiness’ exists at every level of a desi’s general being. Now I don’t just mean the usual Birkin clad and fur coddled snobbiness, no no, I also mean the dheet desi aunty complex that forbids anything other than your likes and dislikes to be absolutely shitty.


This whole chai debate is perhaps just another form of everyone trying to prove that their taste is more expensive or more patriotic than the others.

The thing is, chai is not just a drink to have in the mornings along with a piece of toast. No, in Pakistan, the act of drinking chai is pretty much one of the most sacred things you can do, regardless of who you are and where you come from. People across all forms of political and social levels appreciate, love and savor chai in the same manner. It is perhaps one of the few things that unites Pakistani, everywhere.

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Whether it is sitting down on a rainy day and sipping some warm dudh patti with your friends or having a ‘halal’ rishta date at Gloria. It’s a buffer, a chance to get to know someone and even just a friendly conversation with someone you’ve known forever.

So we can scream and shout about who prefers what but the bottom line, we all love it and that’s something that will never change.

Have you seen the debate? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you, love chai.


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