‘Sara Ali Khan' Just Followed Me On Twitter And This Is What Happened

By Arslan Athar | 7 Feb, 2019

So, here I am, sitting at my end of the table, looking up memes….uh I mean WORKING HARD when a twitter notification comes up.

“Sara Ali Khan is following you”

Source: @ArslanArsuArsi / Twitter


The person sitting across from me can attest that I reacted EXACTLY like this.

Source: Busboy Productions


At this time, our MangoBaaz group chat also blows up. Apparently, Sara had gone on a ‘follow’ streak and had followed most of our team.

But then logic and sense prevailed over my fangirling mind. ‘This must be a fake account’ I thought to myself. 

So I unlock my phone and start to look through ‘Sara’s’ tweets.

Most of the tweets are about her looks. 


The tweets with photos all have the same text as her matching Instagram posts….


‘She’s’ also interacting with her ‘fans’.


The possibility of all this being fake is still pretty high, but then there are some tweets in the middle that seem to be from Sara herself.

Either Sara is actually behind this account or the actual owner wants us all to think that this is real. Then again, all these pictures are readily available from her Instagram account.


But then there are messages like THIS


Her tweets to the side, the following on this account is impressive. 

Almost 60,000 people follow this account.

Via Twitter


Also, the bio on this Twitter account exactly matches the bio on her Instagram, making the case of a real Sara Ali Khan account even better. 

Via Instagram


Being the investigative journalist that I am (HAH), I decided to dig further and look at the accounts she ‘follows’. 

She follows a whole bunch of Indian cricketers and the BCCI.

Via Twitter


Interestingly, she follows a lot of Pakistani cricketers too. 

There were also cricketers from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the list.

Via Twitter


Like us, she’s a Sanam Saeed fan too. 

Via Twitter


All of this is just really fascinating. 

Via Twitter


….Umm okay. 

Via Twitter


Is Sara a closeted jiyala? 

Via Twitter


All in all, the accounts ‘she’ follows are a collection of blue tick personalities, journalists and writers from the Pakistani and Indian Twittersphere. Seems like the real Sara Ali Khan following me on Twitter is becoming more and more of a farce.

At this point, I was ready to do anything!

I reached out to the ACTUAL Sara Ali Khan through her verified Instagram account. Sadly, the actress has not responded yet.

Via Instagram


In a last ditch attempt, I decided to confront the account itself. 

Hey, don’t judge, I’m just trying really hard to get to the bottom of all this!


This account is smelling like a fake and well, that truly does sadden me! If I got this all wrong and this is actually Sara, I have two things to say: 1) Why are you following me? Thanks, in any case. 2) Account verify kara lo, behn!

Considering all the facts that have been placed in this article, what do you think? Real Sara Ali Khan or just a mega fan living her Sara Ali Khan fantasies.

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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