Indians Are Upset Over PM Imran Khan's Speech At the UNGA And Pakistanis Can’t Stop Trolling Them

By Rameeza Ahmad | 28 Sep, 2019

Indians are really grasping at straws on what to criticize Imran Khan over.

Last night Prime Minister Imran Khan made a speech at the United Nations General Assembly. In his almost hour-long speech he touched upon a lot of important topics, including the rise of Islamophobia, terrorism, climate change and most importantly Kashmir and India’s constant aggression against Pakistan.

Pakistanis were beyond proud of their Prime Minister for representing the country that well on an international platform and for eloquently speaking up about the Kashmir issue and the plight of Muslims.

But while Pakistanis were ecstatic about Imran Khan’s amazing speech, Indians were not too happy about it. But they did not take issue with the content of the speech itself but about the fact that it exceeded the 15-minute time limit which is advised by the UNGA.

They were quick to point out that their Prime Minister Narendra Modi adhered to the advised time limit and kept his speech to 17 minutes.

I mean Indians were really upset about this.

They even made mash-up memes of Imran Khan and Greta Thunberg, as if being compared to a globally recognized climate change activist was anything to be ashamed of.

I mean Indians were salty AF about the speech. Maybe the truth in it rubbed them the wrong way?

And Pakistanis could not care less about Indians being upset about Imran Khan’s speech exceeding 15 minutes and reminded Indians of bigger transgressions their Prime Minister has committed. You know, like the annexation of an entire group of people?

Others gave them advice on how to deal with their outrage.

But of course, when it comes to memes, no one can beat Pakistanis.

And moreover, Vidisha Maitra, India’s First Secretary at the Permanent Mission to the United Nations, became a major meme on our side of the border because of her pained expression during Imran Khan’s address.

But all in all, Imran Khan’s impassioned address at the UNGA won hearts all across the world. And hopefully it will prompt the UN to do something about the transgressions in Kashmir by India.

What do you think of Indians being upset about Imran Khan’s speech? Let us know in the comments below.


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