Ooh La La La! Mahira Khan And Camila Cabello Are Partying Together In Paris And I Can't Even

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Sep, 2019

Mahira Khan and Camila Cabello partying together is giving me all the feels

Mahir Khan is possibly one of the most beautiful women to exist on this planet. So it makes sense that she is one of the many amazing women from all over the world to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week.


Mahira has been serving lewks after lewks since she’s landed in Paris

Day after day, we get to see what Mahira is up to in the fashion capital of the world through her Instagram. But what’s got me feeling everything and more is the people she’s been hanging out with there.


Mahira Khan and Camila Cabello hanging out together in Paris making me feel all kinds of way

Never in a million years I thought these two would be friends much less hang out.


And looking at this clip it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mahira Khan and Camila Cabello are best friends now, right?

This is from a fashion show that they walked in, together, along with a bunch of very famous women from all around the world. There were women like Aishwariya Rai, Eva Longoria, Andie Macdowell, Cheryl (formerly Cole and for a time also Liam Payne’s baby mama) and so many more.


Mahira Khan not only walked with Camila Cabello, she also danced with Oscar winner Helen Mirren

Like this video of her casually dancing with legendary actress Helen Mirren shows. Yep, super casual. Nothing to see here. Just two queens dancing with each other.

We have a lot of questions about this interaction. But the most burning question out of all of them is of course, did Mahira sing a Senorita duet with Camila? If not. Is there still time to belt it out at a karaoke bar?!

The duo of Mahira and Camila have only posted one picture of their interaction so far but we are hungry to know more about this unlikely meet up.

But honestly, what a weird thing to see these two together. Who would have thought? Clearly. The world is small and Paris Fashion Week even smaller.

What do you think of Mahira partying with Camila Cabello? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @mahirakhancafe via Instagram/@camila_cabello via Instagram

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