Mahira Khan Just Brutally Clapped Back At A Troll Who Accused Her About Her Stance For Kashmir

By Noor | 20 Aug, 2019

Mahira Khan was just accused of not speaking for Kashmir

Pakistani celebrities have been very vocal about their views regarding the Kashmir issue. A lot of them highlighted their stances via their official twitter accounts but it seems that the trolls on the internet ‘missed’ seeing those tweets.


As soon Article 370 was repealed by India, Mahira Khan, along with many Pakistani celebrities, raised their voice for Kashmir

She started off by emphasizing the humanitarian crisis in the state of Kashmir and concluded by stating that she stands with the Kashmiris in their tough time.


Despite Mahira’s clear stance, plenty of people on social media accused the actress of NOT highlighting the Kashmir issue


Surprisingly many people, unfairly, called out Mahira Khan for not speaking about Kashmir


The trolls urged the actress to come out of the film world and comment on the Kashmir issue


One troll even came up with some extremely demeaning comments about Mahira Khan over what he thought was her lack of support for Kashmir

The troll asserted that the actress hadn’t mentioned Kashmir in any of her tweets and he went on to use a really indecent remark to state that the actress was no different than an animal. In the words of the troll, ” I mean she is worse than an animal. Mahira, you should be ashamed of yourself.”


Mahira Khan who probably had enough of this incessant abuse clapped back at the troll

The actress got her point across by stating that the troll did NOT check her timeline. She attached a screenshot of her stance on Kashmir which was tweeted a few days ago. She ended her tweet by saying that the troll can now continue to call her names.


Armeena Khan supported Mahira and said that trolls cannot use a legitimate issue to abuse the artists

She stated that it’s wrong to hold Mahira accountable when you clearly know that the actress had boldly voiced her opinion via her tweets.


People asserted that the trolls are more worried about the tweets by actors as opposed to actually being concerned for an issue


Fans thanked Mahira for her brutal response and labeled this act by the trolls as shameful


A few even stated that the actress shouldn’t have dignified the troll with a response because she owes nothing to the haters


Nobody deserves to be called by indecent names and people highlighted the need to actually learn some ethics

Mahira, and other celebrities and influencers like Irfan Junejo, have been criticized unnecessarily for something that they aren’t guilty of. Celebrities shouldn’t be forced to have a political stance.

The actress has talked about the chaotic situation in Kashmir and even if she didn’t address this issue, still it could NOT have been used as a parameter to measure her patriotism or as an excuse to disrespect her in any way.

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