Kangana Ranaut Is Getting Massive Backlash For Celebrating India's Removal Of Article 370 For Kashmir

By Sarmad Amer | 6 Aug, 2019

Kanagana Ranaut spoke on Article 370 and she just exposed more of her problematic ideals

The fact that Kangana Ranaut is problematic is no secret. One can’t help but appreciate her for her personal journey to the top in Bollywood but her views pertaining to Pakistan and India’s actions in Kashmir are just too difficult to move past. After speaking against Pakistan when the Balakot incident happened Kangana has managed to pretty much ruin her reputation among fans. Well she’s back again.


Kangana Ranaut spoke up on Article 370 after India recently removed it and annexed Kashmir by force

The actress congratulated Indian Prime Minister Modi for the actions and called the scrapping of Article 370 a “historic step”. She went on to call Modi the only Indian leader who could have achieved this step by calling him a “visionary”.


Interestingly, this is not the first time Kangana Ranaut spoke up about Article 370

The actress had shared her opinions regarding doing away with the Article 370 when she was interviewed about the rising tensions in Kashmir after the Pulwama incident in India. Back then she had asked for completely doing away with the constitutional provision in order to benefit India and what she believed would be stability to the country.

After India officially removed Article 370, her social media team shared her interview to remind people that she had shared these views for quite a while. If you ask me, it’s not a badge of honor to espouse these views, Kangana, but oh well.


Anyway, after Kangana congratulated Modi for the removal of Article 370 she’s pissed off a lot of fans for siding with oppression

Fans are shocked that she could side with such a move and are calling her out on it.

Via: Instagram


Via: Instagram


Via: Instagram


This person even highlighted how Kashmiris are the ones who are suffering the most amidst all this action by the Indian Government

Via: Instagram

There are other Bollywood celebrities who share the same views as Ms. Ranaut so let’s not misunderstand that she is among the minority who believe what Indian Government has done is a good thing.

It’s dark days folks, here’s to hoping that things get better.


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