WTF, Kangana Ranaut Just Said That The Destruction Of Pakistan Should Be India's Main Focus

By Sannia Bilal | 16 Feb, 2019

One of the deadliest attacks on the Indian Army that took place in the Pulwama district of Occupied Kashmir has caused reverberations through the already shaky relationship of India and Pakistan. Indians seem to be accusing Pakistan for the attack and the Bollywood actors seem to be reacting too. As a matter of fact, one of the most vigorous Bollywood personalities, Kangana Ranaut has also reacted on the matter and she had some uh…pretty frightening thoughts to share.

According to The Times Of India, the actress said, “Pakistan has not only violated our nation’s security but also attacked our dignity by openly threatening and humiliating us.”

She urged the Indian officials to take decisive actions. Then she further on said, “Anyone who lectures about non-violence and peace at this time should be painted black, put on a donkey and slapped by everyone on the streets.”


Recently, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi cancelled their attendance at a literary event being organised by the Karachi Arts Council in honor of Shabana’s father Kaifi Azmi.

As reported as the IB Times, the “Manikarnika”  actress commented, “People like Shabana Azmi calling for halt on cultural exchange – they are the ones who promote ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ gangs…Why did they organize an event in Karachi in the first place when Pakistani artistes have been banned after Uri attacks? And now they are trying to save face?”

“The film industry is full of such anti-nationals who boost enemies’ morals in many ways, but right now is the time to focus on decisive actions… Pakistan ban is not the focus, Pakistan destruction is.”

Source: The Indian Express

Yep, that’s right. Kangana wants Pakistan destroyed…So, there’s that. Quite a revelation. She’s also reported to have cancelled the success party of her film ‘Manikarnika’. Which isn’t really much of a surprise.

Shabana Azmi has also since responded, in a statement given to

“You really think at a time like this a personal attack on me can be of any significance when the entire country stands as one in our grief and in condemning this dastardly Pulwama attack? May God bless her.”

Pertaining to her statement about “destruction of Pakistan”, Pakistanis had a lot to say.

They pointed out that Ranaut should be realistic when talking, it ain’t a Bollywood movie.


Seriously, sis. This is real life.


Some even asked her to try her luck…sarcastically, of course. 

She was called out for enticing violence.

And she was asked to step out of her air conditioned room and try fighting at the border.

And then, well… she was cancelled.


So basically, Kangana thinks its possible for India to ‘destroy’ Pakistan. What do you think about her stance? Let us know in the comments below.


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