Hassan Ali Just Did A Pre-Shaadi Photo Shoot With His Indian Wife And People Can't Stop Making Jokes

By Rameeza Ahmad | 20 Aug, 2019

Hassan Ali and his honay wali wife just went viral even before their shaadi

Only a few days ago Hassan Ali clarified that he was not yet getting married but only meeting the parents of a woman he intended to marry. The tweet gave birth to a great hashtag #GettingReadyForFamilyMeetup and the matter was then put to rest.


Well, it now looks like Hassan Ali is indeed getting an Indian wife as he did a photo shoot with her yesterday right before their shaadi today


Clearly, the family meetup went pretty well because pictures of Hassan with Samiya posing for their pre-wedding photo shoot and then their Mehndi went viral. People were ecstatic for the Pakistani cricketer to have succeeding in wooing Samiya’s parents.


The couple looked amazing together in the pictures but naturally people of the internet had memes in mind


Last night, Hassan Ali tweeted about how it was his last night as a bachelor and that he was looking forward to it. And it is presumably Hassan Ali’s and Samiya wedding today.


A lot of people were happy for him and wish Hassan Ali lucking for his wedding and married life


A lot of people couldn’t get over his styling as he wore joggers with his kurta shalwar

It’s the latest fashion people, get with the program!


And then there were those who were acting like Hassan Ali getting married to an Indian girl was some sort of a defeat to India

The sentiments being shared were similar to those when Shoaib Malik married Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza.

No matter which country the girl is originally from, let’s just focus on the fact that the two are very happy together and that is all that matters. Nationalities don’t mean anything in the fact of true love.

We at MangoBaaz wish the couple a lifetime of happiness together and look forward to seeing their wedding festivities. And maybe if Hassan will show up in joggers to his Valima as well!


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Cover Image Source: @daartistphoto via Instagram

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