People Confused Hasan Ali's Possible Honay Wali Biwi With An American Influencer And It's a MESS

By Rameeza Ahmad | 31 Jul, 2019

Shamia isn’t a very common name but somehow people have gotten it messed up while tracking down Hasan Ali’s intended biwi

News that Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali was set to marry an Indian woman who’s settled in Dubai broke recently, and her name and details did not remain secret for long. Her name and her profession were both made public knowledge and now everyone knew that Hasan Ali wants to marry a woman named Shamia Arzoo who works in a private airline.

And at once, everyone seemed to spring into action at speculations related to Hasan marrying an Indian woman; following in the footsteps of Shoaib Malik. Even when Hasan Ali tweeted a clarification that nothing was a done deal yet.

The confirmation of his wedding was not the only thing people got wrong, but people also confused who the woman he was marrying was. Suddenly social media was filled with pictures of the woman people were saying Hasan allegedly intends to marry. People thought they have found Shamia and while the first name was the same; that is where the similarities ended.

The woman who’s pictures people were sharing is named Shamia Azmin Ahmadi; an America-based influencer.

Apart from sharing the first name with the woman Hasan wants to marry, she has nothing else in common. She’s a married woman with a child of her own. And people spotted the mistake immediately.

The confusion was spread by news outlets who started using Shamia Azmin’s pictures for their stories.

A lot of people are trying to figure out who the real Shamia Arzoo is and trying to find her pictures.

And of course sleuths on the internet got to the bottom of the mystery by finding what they claimed were the real pictures of Shamia Arzoo; the woman Hasan would be marrying.

But so far, no one is exactly sure what Shamia Arzoo looks like. But one thing is for sure; it isn’t the woman who’s pictures are going around on social media. What do you think of this colossal mistake? Let us know in the comments below.


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