Sania Mirza Just Defended Hasan Ali After People Trolled Him For Eating Pizza After Matches

By Rimsha | 30 May, 2019

Bhabi Sania Mirza stepping in to defend Hasan Ali is such a cute gesture

Zainab Abbas recently did a bromance test with them and we can all agree that the friendship between Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan is absolutely adorable BUT there was one thing that had people confused.


Hasan Ali revealed that he didn’t consider pizza a junk food

WHAAA????? Well according to Hasan, pizza isn’t considered junk food since it helps him after a match for recovery.


But that did not stop people on twitter from getting super confused and joking about Hasan’s love for pizza


Be wary of extra cheese, Hasan


Despite people making a few jokes here and there regarding Hasan’s statement, Sania Mirza, like the amazing bhabi she is, stepped in to clarify Hasan’s point

Just like the tweet above, Sania too warned Hasan against the extra cheese and believes the gourmet ones are definitely beneficial as they provide players with carbs after a strenuous play.


And people were pretty ecstatic to know this little fact

SO MUCH PIZZA TO BE EATEN! I’m ordering right now.


A select few individuals thought that Sania bhabi only said this to get the Pakistani cricketers to fatten up so the Indians would have a chance to win the cup LOL

Honestly, it’s nice to see Sania stepping in to support fellow sportsmen, despite the challenging times both countries are facing. Also, who doesn’t like some clarification that can allow us to eat more pizza?

Btw, are you ordering pizza tonight in support of Hasan’s statement? Let us know in the comments below.


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