YouTuber Mooroo Finally Shared His Stance On Kashmir And People Have A Lot To Say

By Aam Nawab | 20 Aug, 2019

YouTuber Mooroo spoke up about the Kashmir issue, and it’s started a whole new conversation.

As Kashmir faces a humanitarian crisis after the repeal of Article 370, many Pakistanis have come to the forefront to raise their voices for the people of Kashmir. In all of this, people have turned to local celebrities with large followings, expecting them to speak up or shed light on this issue.

However, placing these celebrities on a pedestal has taken a serious turn, with people unfollowing all those who have not yet spoken up for Kashmir, specifically in the form of a video.

With regards to this matter, Irfan Junejo had shared his thoughts as to why he wasn’t going to make a video on a political issue.

He shared how while he had an opinion on the matter, he wasn’t going to cash in on the issue to generate revenue. This, of course, received its own backlash, and led to people claiming they’re unfollowing him.

However, amidst all this, there were those who pointed out that YouTubers can’t catalyze government-level action.

Whilst the Irfan Junejo fiasco was yet to die off, YouTuber Mooroo shared his thoughts on the matter. 


“I am upset about what is happening in Kashmir,” Mooroo stated in his tweet. “It is unfair to Kashmiris and betrays the relationship India has with its own constitution. Kashmiris’ fundamental right to have an opinion about their own matters has never been given to them. It’s about that, not about Ind vs Pak.”

He also went on to clarify that he had not been forced into saying this.

“I have not been forced into saying this,” he stated. “I spoke up about the Kashmir issue the day it happened on my Instagram stories. Please check there today, everything has been reposted. I posted here realizing that not everyone sees other platforms. (FULL STOP)”

This garnered praise from some people

However, there were some people who felt that the tweet was a bit…forced, despite Mooroo claiming it wasn’t.

Given that Irfan Junejo had faced major backlash, a lot of people also felt that Mooroo was trying to not get canceled.


However, a lot of people reiterated that YouTubers tweeting about the issue, and the government actually taking definitive action aren’t necessarily linked.


This really does open up an avenue for the debate around local celebrities getting involved in political issues. Should content be in definitive categories, where vloggers stick to vlogging only, or should we be looking up to all content creators with large platforms to be vocal about such issues? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Irfan Junejo Was Asked To Comment On Kashmir. His Response Has Caused A Massive Backlash


Pakistanis Are Unfollowing Irfan Junejo For His Comments On Kashmir

Cover image via Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo/YouTube

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