Bahria University Released A Condolence Letter For Haleema, But People Don't Think It's Enough

By Anoosha Rehan | 28 Sep, 2019

Bahria University issued a condolence letter for Haleema, but people are demanding accountability.

After Haleema’s unfortunate death due to the unsafe conditions created by Bahria University, people came out in large numbers and demanded justice. The horrifying incident sparked outrage throughout the country.

However, the university has recently issued a letter to condole the death of their student.


Strangely enough, the letter had no reference to the incident itself. Instead, it just mentioned the university’s efforts to save Haleema’s life. 

Bahria University expressed their utter grief and pain over the tragic incident. However, there was no mention of the actual reason for the incident taking place. They condemned the rumors of suicide that have been prevailing around Haleema’s death. The university also confirmed that they are fully committed to the well-being of their students.

People believe these are all tactics on the university’s part to conceal the truth,

They’re not buying this apology AT ALL

They think it’s absurd that the administration is failing to take any responsibility for the incident

In fact, people are rather furious and are wondering if this is all the university administration could come up with

All they want is for the rector to resign now

People are urging the university administration to have some basic respect for human life

Basically, it was highlighted how this letter simply isn’t enough

Source: officialBU / Facebook

People referred to the incident and the follow-up letter as ‘criminal negligence’ 

Source: officialBU / Facebook

People are demanding accountability, not cover-up grief letters

Source: officialBU / Facebook

An alleged silver lining is that there has been some change due to the outrage

If the administration thought the letter of condolence is enough to cover up for the loss, students have assured them that it isn’t. In fact, the letter means nearly nothing to them. Mere words are no longer sufficient – accountability is a must.

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