This Bride Wore Tomatoes Instead Of Jewelry At Her Shaadi

By Sana Yasmeen | 18 Nov, 2019

This bride and her tomatoes are being called out for being fake AF

Inflation and market rates of common use products and materials have caused a lot of people distress. The constant worries regarding budgeting plagues a lot of households these days but this economic situation has also given the ever-creative individuals of Pakistan, ideas to ridicule and troll the ‘situation’.


This bride apparently wore tomatoes instead of jewelry on her big day

This bride, on her big day, allegedly decided to opt for a much more innovative idea regarding her jewelry. She opted for tomatoes instead of adorning herself with the usual Gold or Silver jewels.

She claimed that since the prices of Gold were increasing, along with the prices of ‘tamatar’ and ‘chalghozay’ so she decided to opt for these two alternatives instead of real jewelry.

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


She literally just sewed a bunch of tomatoes around her wrists 👀👀👀

She wore tomato-gajray instead of floral bracelets and placed a whole-tomato instead of getting a matching ‘maang teeka!

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


I guess she was probably going for a minimalistic look on her big day with some tomatoes and a rather simple shaadi dress

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


She further stated that the ‘salami’ on her wedding day came in the form of chalghozay instead of money

Since half of her family did not manage to attend the wedding, so they compensated by sending ‘chalghozay‘ as the ‘salami’ for the bride. Her older brother from England. Her sister from Canada They all just sent ‘chalghozay‘!

If you think this is too ridiculous to be true, you’re not alone.

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube

She further claimed that the parents who have given away their daughter and tomatoes have spent all their money therefore, she was only being given three trunks of tomatoes as jahaiz.


With the insanely ridiculous claims being made of course everyone thought that the whole shaadi was nothing but FAKE AF

A lot of people straight up claimed that this was just a ‘fake’!

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


People were divided into two after this video

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


Everyone else just couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer ridiculousness

Overall, the viewers seemed to enjoy the video and had a fairly good laugh.

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


However, some people were deeply offended at the disrespect of food

Some people were deeply troubled by the content and considered it offensive and untrue.

Source: Daily Pakistan Global / YouTube


You can watch the whole video over here, make sure not to cringe too hard


Would you ever be interested in pulling a stunt like this? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via Daily Pakistan Global via YouTube

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