These Offensive Posters About A Silly “Mard March” Are Getting Trolled So Hard It's 🔥🔥🔥

By Noor | 12 Mar, 2019

So we all know about Aurat March, right? We witnessed that iconic moment when so many who identify as female, from ALL communities and backgrounds gathered together for womanhood. While the majority of people acknowledged the significance of such events in a patriarchal society like ours but there are some whose men whose masculinity is so fragile that they’re unable to digest women holding posters by women, for women and about women.


Basically, a local Facebook page has been promoting a silly campaign where men in Karachi are planning a “Mard March”

This is in apparently in response to the powerful Aurat March that was held on International Women’s Day in several cities across Pakistan. Someone needs to tell this page that this is not only terribly tone deaf, it’s actually pretty offensive to positive causes to align with such a disgustingly infantile campaign.


The Mard March, which comes as a response to the Aurat March has actually set social media on fire because of some actually offensive posters

Yes, some posters on Aurat March may have crossed a couple lines but you need to understand that it was part of a largely valid protest and the whole essence of a “protest” is to vent out one’s anger or frustration about systemic abuse or oppression. Women AND men have only been oppressed because of patriarchy and this is what Aurat March was all about. It would only help you to read this post by my colleague who beautifully explains it all in great detail.

Source: FHM Pakistan / Facebook


In an unsurprising development, some men are supporting this new “counter march”


But more surprisingly, some women also critiqued the Aurat March and appreciated these men for coming up with a Mard March 🤦‍♀️


A majority of people, though, are NOT happy with this idea of the Mard March

They rightly pointed out that conducting a Mard March in a society where men are generally more privileged and safer literally made no sense.


Women said that it’s sad and pathetic to see men addressing their insecurities via a counter march to the one where women celebrated their own gender


People went on to say that this particular move by men just aimed to satisfy their ego because the men were clearly in ‘pain’


They clearly said kay sab mardon ka naam kharab horaha hai


A few even said that it’s nothing more than an attention seeking act


Some even tried to meme the entire situation

No offense intended but can a situation like this be meme-ed?

The entire concept of a Mard March has been under severe criticism by all and a lot of people are asserting that it makes no sense in a patriarchal society which already puts men on a higher pedestal at the cost of women and other sexual minorities. It is being said that the idea of empowering women via Aurat March has triggered a few chauvinist men who now desperately want to satisfy their egos.

Guys, let women have their day. You actually have an International Men’s Day and you can do your own thing on this day.


So what’s your stance about these weird AF posters? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: FHM Pakistan / Facebook

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