This Faisalabadi Couple Made Their Valima Entrance On A Boat & Now I Can Peacefully Die Because I've Seen Everything

By Rameeza Ahmad | 11 Mar, 2019

This Faisalabadi couple entered their valima on an ACTUAL boat.


Pakistani weddings are becoming grander each wedding season. With a video of a bride entering her wedding on a literal cake going viral just a few months ago, to now, where a couple entered on a boat on their valima. A literal boat. Please keep in mind, that the wedding was not on or near a body of water.


The couple’s boat was floating on a specially made aisle which was just a rectangular swimming pool.

Well, that’s the only way I can explain it having never seen anything like it. So why don’t you just have a look at it yourself…

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Do you get what I am trying to say now? A narrow rectangular swimming pool was made especially for the couple’s boat to be able to glide into the venue. And since Irfan Ahson posted the video to his Instagram page, a lot of people commented with what their opinions were. And a lot of them were pretty negative.

Source: Irfan Ahson via
Source: Irfan Ahson via

To me, the negative comments seem incredibly sad because come on people, live and let live! You might find this a waste of money but the couple doesn’t and since it’s their big day, let’s let them decide, shall we? Everyone chooses to celebrate their wedding in a different way and we can’t tell them how to do so or how to spend their money.

Do whatever floats your boat. Geddit? Hah.

Since wedding season is still going on (it’s year round now tbh), let’s keep an eye out for even crazier wedding entries.


Also the boat was not the EXTRA AF thing at this wedding, the couple also had a vibrating cake for some reason…


But anyway good luck to the newly married Faisalabadi couple, Kanwal and Usman!

Shaadi Mubarak, you two lovebirds.

What do you think of this couple’s elaborate boat entry? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Irfan Ahson via

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