Nawaz Sharif Finally Left For London But Pakistanis Can't Stop Roasting Him

By Aam Nawab | 19 Nov, 2019

Nawaz Sharif chalay London

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been thorn in the side of current Prime Minister Imran Khan. Even with having been under arrest and jailed after being convicted by a JIT, Nawaz Sharif couldn’t help but be center of news in Pakistan. With his recent health struggles, there has been a renewed interest in him and his alleged attempts at escaping culpability.


Nawaz Sharif left for London earlier today after weeks of back and forth about his health

Having been diagnosed with an immune system disorder, the former Prime Minister’s health kept on deteriorating despite doctors trying to stabilize him. His medical consultants had suggested that he be taken to London for proper treatment but because PM Imran Khan had said that he won’t allow his political opponents to escape culpability, the Government had been unwilling to allow for Mr. Sharif to leave the country. But the Lahore High Court did the job that the PTI Government was hesitant to get their hands dirty with and this morning Nawaz Sharif left for London in an air ambulance.


As Nawaz Sharif left for London a lot of his fans were gathered to greet him in the way

While he was on his way to the airport from his home in Jati Umra in an ambulance, hordes of PML N supporters showered the former Prime Minister with rose petals.

Before he left for the airport, Nawaz Sharif was reportedly sent off by his mother, daughter – Maryam Nawaz – and other family members at their home in Jati Umra near Lahore.


Of course Pakistanis can’t stop trolling Nawaz Sharif for escaping to London


People are particularly chanting “Go Nawaz Go”, saying that they’re doing it for one last time because they believe that Nawaz Sharif would not be coming back


Others are comparing how the justice system in Pakistan hasn’t helped the many marginalized folks but has quickly come to a decision regarding a privileged political leader

There were tall claims made on both sides – by the PML N as well as the PTI Government – that there would be no escaping for the former Prime Minister and no deals would be made by the Government to let him leave the country without being held accountable for the corruption that he’s been accused of.

With Nawaz Sharif having left for London all eyes are on the next development after his court allotted time limit expires to reveal if he is going to return or if it’s another case of the awaam having been fooled by politicians.



So, Umm… Someone Just Took “Go Nawaz Go” To WWE During Triple H’s Appearance And It’s HILARIOUS

People Are Planning On Storming Adiala Jail To Free Nawaz Sharif And Someone Tell PM Imran ASAP


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