People Are Boycotting Chughtai Lab Because They Tampered With Nawaz Sharif's Medical Results

By Noor | 24 Mar, 2019

Uh oh, Chughtai Lab got political and dirty


Unfortunately, the political fever has fully permeated into the social fabric of our society. This eventually leads to the politicization of several things which are required to strictly stay away from the political partisanship. Here’s a recent example of a medical laboratory which allowed the political biases to get amalgamated with their profession and this all led to some serious consequences.


One of the most prestigious medical laboratories in Pakistan, Chughtai lab, displayed the online medical report of Nawaz Sharif with a message

The statement read something like this, ” Please return Pakistan’s money and freely live anywhere.”

Here’s an image of it:

Source: @WaCaS/ Twitter


Later, the heading on the report changed to “Mje anday vala burger #majboorpm.” 

Here’s another image of it:

Source: @aqbh5/ Twitter


This entire thing naturally angered people who accused the lab of using malicious practices


They asserted that this act was highly unethical and was extremely unprofessional


Everyone was ready to boycott the lab since they believed that they had politicized the noble profession

The trend became the number one trend on Twitter.


People urged higher authorities to take serious action against the lab owners for tampering someone’s results, posting personal messages on medical results and being political


Nawaz Sharif supporters went on to say that they will make sure that the lab faces some serious consequences


The lab tweeted an apology by stating that someone tampered the online reports


It was stated that the privacy of the lab reports of patients is important and this is why it is advised to NOT share the photos of reports on social media


Moreover, they denied affiliation with any political party and said that the online access to patient’s report has been blocked to prevent any further tampering


People weren’t ready to accept the apology and demanded strict action to be taken against the culprits


They even accused the lab of allowing the culprits to work right under their nose


A few people pointed out that the lab director is a PTI supporter and he might be involved in all this


The lab director responded by asserting that his anti-Nawaz tweets are old and have said that it was just a political discussion

He even apologized for those remarks.


People rejected the apology by asking the authorities to register a case of criminal negligence against the lab director

Things have escalated really quickly, people are not accepting the apology by the lab officials. They are adamant to get the culprits punished. Moreover, the politicization of this noble profession should be condemned and strict action should be taken against the culprits to ensure that no such issues occur in the future.



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