People Are Planning On Storming Adiala Jail To Free Nawaz Sharif And Someone Tell PM Imran ASAP

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 Jul, 2019

If you have used the internet in the last week or so, you might have seen various memes related to aliens and Area 51. The joke started after an event page on Facebook was created, asking people to storm the elusive Area 51 together to free the aliens.

The premise of the event was simple; if a large number of people ambushed the military which is supposedly guarding Area 51, they would not be able to stop all of them.

The meme spread like wildfire after that with every millennial and Gen Z kid talking about it.

And of course, now the meme has come to Pakistan and some people decided to put a local Pakistani spin on it. Some mischievous kids decided to make an event page in the same vein and with the title of ‘Storm Adiala Jail To Save Nawaz They Won’t Be Able To Stop Us All’


The event is scheduled on Sunday, the 21st of July, 2019. About 3,000 people have shown interest in the event which shows how popular the meme format has gotten even in our part of the world which has nothing to do with Area 51.

It is being hosted by eh… Choti Lulli Inc. If that on its own doesn’t tell you to think it’s one big joke then I don’t know what will. And a lot of people had helpful suggestions or just general feelings about the event and impending raid at Adiala Jail to free former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


This could honestly get a little dangerous if PML-N supporters get wind of this and don’t understand that it’s a joke or if the government decides to take action against the organizers of the event by taking it seriously. You never know, not everyone shares the same sense of humor.

Even though it is a joke event and hopefully, everyone will understand that, it is going to be fun to see whether anyone actually heads to Adiala Jail. What do you think of this event? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: News Pakistan/ARY News

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