This Fortuner On The Motorway Has Become Famous And The Jokes Are Next Level

By Sarmad Amer | 28 Oct, 2019

The Toyota Fortuner has gone viral

It’s probably the most famous car in Pakistan right now and it’s definitely not because of some viral marketing campaign. A video began circulating over the weekend where a Toyota Fortuner featured heavily. Of course, with anything naughty, Pakistani social media has to pounce on it. And pounce they did.


After a viral video of a Fortuner car on the Motorway spread on social media, there has been a lot of discussion about the car

Some people were filmed doing the deed in their car on the Motorway. While many have just had fun with another opportunity to vicariously enjoy someone having sex, others have raised questions about the invasion of privacy of the people in the car.


Of course, the number plate of the Fortuner was clearly visible in the video and detectives around the country started searching for the owners.

People found the ownership of the car attributed to some Danish, allegedly. Then, someone came forward asking the original poster of the video to remove it as they were going to sue for invasion of privacy after being filmed while enjoying their “ride” on the motorway.


The video disappeared from the original poster’s social media but turns out the owner of the car is also in trouble, allegedly


Naturally, Pakistanis aren’t going to let go of an opportunity to make jokes about something and that’s how everyone started talking about the Fortuner car

Jokes about the folks in the car are aplenty.


People also couldn’t help but taunt the driver of the car for facilitating the public copulation.


And of course this Chainsmokers song HAD to be joked about too


Rumor has it, Toyota in Pakistan has increased the price of the car by 10%


People are particularly joking about how this car must now be the biggest seller for Toyota in Pakistan despite the high price tag that it already comes with

The price of a Toyota Fortuner car, according to, is around 80 lac rupees. So of course, it’s definitely not something an ordinary Pakistani can afford. But it hasn’t let ordinary Pakistanis from being savage with their jokes.


But now every time you see that car you’re going to think of this video


Do you have anything to add? Are you in the market for this car? Sound off in the comments below. Aur haan, drive safely.


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