Here Are All The Looks In Which Kate Middleton Paid Tribute To Diana On Her Pakistan Tour

By Noomyalay Khan | 19 Oct, 2019

Princess Kate Middleton paid homage to Diana in her looks while on Pakistan tour and here’s proof

Pakistanis all over are going gaga over Kate Middleton and her looks, drawing unintentional comparisons between her and her late mother-in-law, the forever loved and every desi mom’s best friend, Princess Diana.

As the Royal Tour comes to an end, we thought we’d do the same, and see how many times the Duchess of Cambridge mirrored Princess Diana.


So here’s a look at every time Duchess Kate Middleton paid tribute to Princess Diana while on her tour to Pakistan

Look 1: Kate’s dress on arrival

source: Samir Hussain / Getty Images

Kate wore this light blue ombré dress by Catherine Walker on her arrival in Pakistan. The dress beautifully complimented her, and she paired it with nude heels and blue pants.


Princess Diana’s dress in 1996

source: Tim Graham Photo Library

Princess Diana wore this pastel blue number in 1996 on her visit to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.


Look 2: Kate’s Periwinkle Blue Dress On Day 1

source: Samir Hussain / Getty Images

This dress is by Pakistani Designer Maheen Khan that Kate donned to visit a school, among other places, in Islamabad. This was the very first look she wore when officially beginning her tour of Pakistan and instantly made everyone fall in love with her.


Diana’s Baby Pink Dress at Lahore Airport

source: Getty Images

We can’t help but notice the similarities, the similar gala, the same embroidery, the pants and kameez style. Although Kate’s color is different of course, which suits her very well.

Diana wore this light pink shalwar kameez by Rizwan Beyg on her arrival at the Lahore Airport in 1996, to meet Imran Khan and then-wife, Jemima Khan.


Look 3: Kate’s Second Dress of Day 1 at the Aiwan-e-Sadr

source: Getty Images

Kate wore this emerald green number with cream pants and a dark green dupatta on her second day of the tour to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Diana at Badshahi Mosque


Princess Diana wore this green coat along with a white scarf for her visit to the Badshahi Mosque.


Look 4: Kate’s stunning green dress

source: / Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dark green sequined number by British designer Jenny Packham at a dinner hosted by the British High Commissioner.


Diana’s white dress in 1991


Diana wore this white Catherine Walker maxi dress at a banquet held in her honor by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in Islamabad in 1991.


Look 5: Kate’s look in Chitral

source: / Getty Images

Kate wore a traditional Chitrali chugha and pakol on her arrival in Chitral.


Diana in Chitral

source: sunjayJK / Pinterest

Princess Diana wore a very similar chugha and pakol on her historic Chitral visit in 1991.


Look 6: Kate’s dress on day 4

source: / Getty Images

Kate wore this white suit with ivory detailing by Gul Ahmed with a white shawl in a visit to Lahore.


Diana’s dress

source: Dora Reyes / Pinterest

Diana wore this pearly white and ivory dress, also by Rizwan Beyg, on a visit to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Lahore.

Look 7: Kate’s second dress on day 4

source: Getty Images

The Duchess wore this green and gold number by Maheen Khan on her visit to the Badshahi Mosque on her fourth day in Pakistan.


Princess Diana in 1996


Princess Diana wore this green and blue shalwar kameez on a visit to Shaukat Khanum, along with Jemima and Imran Khan.

These are the ones we found to be similar looks. What are your comments about the looks of both British royals? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear from you.


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