Pakistanis Can't Stop Appreciating Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal Khawar For Their Simple Shaadi

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Aug, 2019

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar won everyones’ hearts

Hamza Ali Abbasi wanted to get married without any controversy but that didn’t happen since his long paragraphs about his intended marriage sparked a lot of debate. Mostly about what the word platonic means. Anyway as the hype around his posts died down, pictures and videos of his big day started making rounds on social media and people were smitten.


Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar won the hearts of everyone with their simple wedding 

Those who had issues with his statements talked about how in awe they were of the beautiful couple and how Hamza kept his promises of a simple wedding.

Matlab, logon kay dil jeet liye.


Some even compared Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding to other recent Pakistani celebrity weddings


People loved the low-key festivities which are rarely seen in Pakistan let alone for the rich and famous

But some people said they wanted to bring facts to light; it might have been low-key but not as budget friendly as people imagined. Apparently things weren’t simple enough for some people.


Some people thought it only “looked” simple but was very posh in reality


Other were not happy with comments like these and reminded people about how some thing cannot be compromised upon but the bigger picture still remained true; it was much simpler than you would expect.

Hamza Ali Abbasi really had the entire awaam doing math to calculate his wedding expenses. Wow.

But all in all, the wedding did indeed seem simple. Considering the fact that the wedding was much smaller and simpler than an average Pakistan wedding no matter what the cost of a few things might have been. All that matters is that the couple was happy and it was their wish to have done it this way.

Maybe this wedding will set a trend of simple Pakistan weddings. Hard to imagine but one can hope.


Hamza Ali Abbasi And Naimal Khawar Look Stunning At Their Wedding And I’m Not Crying, You Are

Hamza Ali Abbasi Just Responded To Rumors Of Him Marrying Naimal Khawar And OMG


Cover Image Source: @mahasphotographyofficial / Instagram

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