Congratulations Pakistan, The Supreme Court Just Declared Asia Bibi Free. Again.

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Jan, 2019

Asia Bibi has finally been acquitted… for good. 

Asia Bibi was accused of committing blasphemy over 9 years ago. She spent the subsequent years of her life after the accusation in jail waiting for her day in court. When the day finally came, Asia Bibi was declared innocent by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and was ordered to be released.

People on the internet were ecstatic about the verdict and called it a milestone in the history of this country.


However, the country’s far-right protested the verdict and after keeping the country on lockdown for more than 24 hours, the government yielded and the Supreme Court decided to review the verdict.

However, almost 3 months after the decision to review the case once again, the Supreme Court has decided to dismiss the petition filed for review. Justice Khosa was at the helm of affairs and declared the petition to be dismissed on the basis of it having no merit.

The last three months, no one has had any idea where Asia Bibi has been. She was not freed even though rumors of her escape to a foreign country for asylum were rife.

People are ecstatic that justice has FINALLY been served and the Supreme Court did not bow down to pressure exerted by certain factions in society.

This decision was long coming and is absolutely welcomed. We hope Asia Bibi can finally live a normal and peaceful life and Pakistanis can continue to move forward in the same direction.

What do you think about this decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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