Shaista Lodhi Just Revealed She Retired From Her Morning Show Because She Got Sick Of Herself

By Iman Zia | 29 Jan, 2019

Pakistani morning shows have been the bane of our existence for quite some time now. Content on every show has become repetitive and now we’ve honestly reached the tue debacle of live television – and it’s an unfortunate fact. The content on most shows have more often than not projected unethical and immoral purposes with very little mitigation to extinguish the fire it leaves behind.


ARY host Nida Yasir spoke to ‘Images Dawn’ and revealed that she had no choice but to “stage live wedding shows” after Shaista Lodhi began consistently “airing weddings.”

Her show’s ratings were falling while her competition, Shaista’s ratings were through the roof; Nida said: “I had no choice but to launch into a long wedding season of my own!” Shaadis are, undoubtedly the most popular choice for topics because its what ultimately draws in the audience.



Shaista was also interviewed, and she said how it was wrong that “the host is hardly ever questioned.”

She admitted to kickstarting the wedding trend on morning shows and identified herself as “the culprit” before saying that everything then “went overboard.” She said how hard it was at times being a host, and putting on a show that she hated. She indicated her pain as a doctor too and said that “I would sit next to a guest who would declare that depression could be cured by eating okra” and how it would make her cringe.



The former television host feared that her medical license would be taken away as a result of such negligence of allowing “unqualified people” on her show.

She admitted that “I felt like I was doing a crime” whenever she called in various people to come and talk on her morning episodes. In particular reference to all the shaadi episodes, the host toplined, she confessed that “I would wonder to myself what I was doing” amidst a constant pressure to improve ratings.

Source: Har Pal Geo


Shaista opened up about how much she loathed being a host and tried to find an out from the industry a long, long time ago.

“Perhaps I’m able to say this all now because I’m no longer hosting a show.” She hated being a host a long time ago but couldn’t back out because she was a “single mother at the time who had bills to pay.” She left when she got the chance.



Recently PEMRA issued an order for morning shows to improve their content

Producers were ordered to immediately stop recycling tropes of “matrimonial issues, wedding, dances, fashion, and private lives.” The statement also said that “over the years the standard of content in the entertainment genre has deteriorated, especially in morning shows.” While nothing has changed as much, the process will be long and tedious to break what’s become a very deeply rooted pattern in live Pakistani television.





What are your thoughts on Shaista’s revelations?


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