Sanam Baloch And Her Entire Team Have Allegedly Been Fired From Her Morning Show And WTF

By Iman Zia | 24 Jan, 2019

According to reports circulating social media, Sanam Baloch’s famous morning show, ‘Subh Saverey Samaa Kay Saath’ has been canceled, with its final episode to be aired on 28th February. The team, along with host Sanam will no longer be a part of the morning show.


Source: The CW


According to an editor of news publications ‘Jang’ and ‘Geo’, ‘Samaa TV’ has “decided to fire the entire team,” including host Sanam Baloch.


While reasons are still yet to be known, sources claim that the team were “let go because of the cutdown” and the financial crisis after our rupee devalued.

Source: Samaa TV


Recently, Sanam Baloch’s comments regarding Aamir Liaquat’s first wife came under fire when he came onto her show with his second wife.

Sanam praised him for being a lauded Pakistani scholar and that you did everything the right way according to the “deen.” She asked why his first wife Bushra bhaabi hadn’t accepted his second wife. She continued to compliment him and belittled his first wife. Aamir responded by saying that she hadn’t studied Islam properly – he said that studying it as a degree is different.

Source: Samaa TV


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