11 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened On Pakistani Morning Shows

By Iman Zia | 4 Nov, 2018

Morning shows have really become incredibly crude, and it’s an unfortunate fact. The content on most shows have more often than not projected unethical and immoral purposes with very little mitigation to extinguish the fire it leaves behind. From Sahir Lodhi to Aamir Liaquat and Nida Yasir, we’ve compiled 11 times these morning show hosts have honestly gone too far on live television.


1. The time Aamir Liaquat force fed his guests with mangos


2. When Sahir Lodhi’s show on TV One, ‘Aap Ka Sahir’ came under fire for showcasing adolescent girls dancing to a live audience

معصوم زینب کیسے قتل ہوئی..؟؟ اس ویڈیو میں زینب کا قاتل ڈھونڈ لیں ۔۔

Gepostet von Pakistan Media Leaks am Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018


3. When Nida Yasir brought on young viral sensation, Ahmed aka ‘Angry Pathan Kid’ and provoked him by making fun of him and getting reactions out of him by taking away his toys

Ghussa Aese Tu Nahi, Aese Hota Hai 😀

Ghussa Aese Tu Nahi, Aese Hota Hai :DWatch Full Episode Click Here: https://bit.ly/2yTsqmJDownload ARY Digital App:http://l.ead.me/bauBrY

Gepostet von ARY Digital am Montag, 22. Oktober 2018


4. When Sanam Jung’s ‘Jago Pakistan Jago’ had an episode to showcase makeup for ‘dusky people’ but chose fair models and blackfaced them (instead of choosing actual dusky models)

Source: @JagoPakistanJago/Facebook


5. When Faysal Qureshi referred to Mohsin Haider Abbas and Gohar Rasheed as not ‘pyaarey’ because of their skin tone


6. Sanam Jung up for trial again when she featured celebrities with their housemaids or maasis and had to take part in a cleaning and cooking competition for Rs. 50,000

Source: image.dawn.com


…Oh, and remember the maasi dance?

Source: image.dawn.com


7. The one time Nida Yasir offered tips on how short girls can appear taller…like WTF

Source: hiddenbodyfacts.com


8. Sahir Lodhi once again, for teaching young girls how to look fairer by rubbing potato peels on their faces

Source: TV One


9. Sorry, Nida, we got you under the radar girl…in one of her episodes, she laughed when Shahid Afridi relayed how he broke a television set because his wife was watching Indian dramas instead of taking care of their children


10. The time Shaista Lodhi refused to take a young fan’s call on live television – the girl later tried to commit suicide and had to be hospitalized

Source: stylized.pk


11. Faysal Qureshi once more for that time he made fun of Meera, in a new low


Are there other instances that shocked you? Let us know in the comments.


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