Karachi Just Ranked As The Second Highest Consumer Of Cannabis In The World. Again.

By Maryam Khalid | 12 Sep, 2019

Once again Karachi ranked HIGH in Cannabis consumption

Karachi, the largest metropolitan in Pakistan is home to people from all backgrounds. It is not only the economic capital of Pakistan, it is also riddled with lots of trouble. One such troubling statistic about Karachi is its rampant consumption of cannabis.


According to The World Index, Karachi cannabis consumption just ranked as the second highest int he world for the second year running

Cannabis, otherwise also known as hashish or chars, is a type of plant that is said to have originated in Central and/or South Asia. It has many properties but it is most notorious for being a drug – marijuana. Honestly, given that the plant is rumored to have originated in South Asia it kind of is no surprise that Karachi ranked second highest in the world in its consumption, tbh.

The first in the world is New York meanwhile, New Delhi is third on the list.


People cannot stop trolling Karachi on this.. ummm… achievement

While marijuana itself is not known to be an addictive substance, the trolling is mainly due to the taboo around consumption of hash or charas, possibly because of the association of the drug as a popular substance among low income groups.


Of course, Fawad Chaudhry sahab also tried to troll the city for this ranking


And he’s getting trolled back, naturally


Anyway, back to Karachi cannabis rankings

People are sharing how proud they are of it.


Pakistanis always see the bright side of things


People also have questions. Very VALID ones.

Interestingly, even though “upper” South Asia is known as one of the possible regions for the origination of this plant, no city from that region made it to the list of highest cannabis consumption.

While rampant, uncontrolled consumption of substances that have potential of abuse is nothing to be condoned, it is time that authorities look to some of our fellow countries in the West (ahemCanadaahem) and think about maybe ways to regulate the consumption of cannabis. After all, we all know being a plant indigenous to our region, its consumption is not going away anytime soon so might as well legalize and regulate it so we know it’s being used responsibly.. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the trolls.


Karachi Being Declared The Second Largest Consumer Of Marijuana Has Left Pakistanis Absolutely Shocked


Cover image via: gettyimages.com

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