Pakistanis Can’t Stop Feeling Sad For The Trees That Were Lost After India Crossed The LOC And The Jokes Are Hilarious

By Biya Haq | 26 Feb, 2019

Laughter is the best medicine?

Earlier this morning, Indian war jets crossed into our Line of Control in Pakistan patrolled Kashmir.

With alleged reports of hundreds of casualties and hysteria on social media, Pakistanis were absolutely shaken following the uncertainty of the damage caused and the possible damage to come. However, Pakistanis have a very specific way of dealing with most crisis situations and it is quite unmistakable. As usual,

Pakistanis cannot stop feeling sad for the trees that were lost after India crossed the LOC.


Now for some context, when the jets were making their way out of our territory, they apparently dropped a ‘payload’ on their way out.

Source: @OfficialDGISPR via Twitter

Most of these images basically just showed a bunch of trees in Kashmir completely thrashed. So, in lieu of the fallen trees,

Pakistanis just couldn’t help themselves in hilariously mourning the lives of our leafy friends.

Honestly, I love this country.

We do not wish to make fun of an otherwise critical situation. We, just as the rest of the country is taking these events very seriously however in true Pakistani fashion, we’re doing it with a joke in tow.

Have you seen the jokes around the trees? What do you think about the situation with India? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: @Asimafriidi

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