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We Asked Which Pakistani Drama Scene Made You Cry The Most, Here Are Your Answers

We Asked Which Pakistani Drama Scene Made You Cry The Most, Here Are Your Answers

What’s a Pakistani drama without heartbreak? Neigh, what’s anything on a visual platform without tears, unrequited love, death or something of that multitude? We all know our breathtaking dramas have stolen our hearts time and time again, with heart-wrenching scenes that leave you ultimately shattered and in an ocean of your own tears.

So we asked our Instagram (@therealshowsha) followers what scene from a drama that made them shed the most tears, and while we wonderfully got an overwhelming response, we picked the most popular, tragic scenes from Pakistani television and compiled them in a poll

(To those that didn’t make it, we will be releasing special Instagram stories about those specific scenes, and asking all you folks to rate them, so that everyone who answered will have their response included)!

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We posed this question on our Instagram (@therealshowsha), and received an overwhelming response that truly delighted us!

Alongside the remarkable answers, to the question posed, we got endless inbox messages that only made this voting so much more exciting and fun for us to compile!


So here we go, here were the most popular responses, let’s start from the bottom… •cue tears*

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13. Maat E Jaan Hai Tu – Ibad’s death

Ibad is killed in a car accident, much to the dismay of Haniya his wife, who lives in the U.S. She vowed to take him back to Pakistan to ask for his father’s forgiveness for marrying her. What’s worse, Haniya’s parents died the same way her husband did.

Source: Hum Television Network

12. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Behishan – pretty much every scene

Voters couldn’t decide one scene and said the entire drama was an utter tear-fest. From Saba being dragged outside her house and being hit continually by her husband’s father after being accused of adultery, to her second marriage where she is subjected to physical abuse. Saba’s second husband ends up leaving her once she’s pregnant, refusing to believe the child is his (I know right, try and find just ONE scene in this tragic drama). Saba ends up dying and leaves a note for her daughter to give to Afreen (her first husband), but the ending isn’t the happiest one. Sara (Saba’s daughter) finds out how her mother was ill-treated during her time there and runs away on her wedding night to Afreen’s son Haider.

Source: GEO TV


11. Khamoshi – Bi jaan’s death

Bi jaan’s death was absolutely aching. She was left at an old retirement home by her son Basit (an asshole) and eventually succumbed and died from severe depression. In her death note, she made it clear she wanted Schram (Bilal Khan) or Arsla (Zara Noor Abbas) to conduct her burial. It was an agonizing scene to witness.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


10. Khudgarz – Junaid’s death and his body being brought back home

One of the most breathtaking yet distressing dramas we’ve ever seen, this particular scene simply broke us. Junaid was on his way to the hospital to see Aairah but had a heart-rendering heart attack on his way. After every ordeal Junaid had been through, throughout the entire drama, this was really the pinnacle of a heartbreak. He never made it on time. The last conversation he had with Aariah was beautiful, simple and sweet. They both said “I love you,” before shutting the phone.

Source: ARY Digital


9. Khuda Aur Muhabbat – Imaan’s death and Hammad’s grief

The drama, revolving around the love story between Hammad (Imran Abbas) and Imaan (Sadia Khan). Imaan is engaged to her cousin and is continually mocked by her own father, who she cannot disrespect. Imaan eventually falls ill and dies, with their love story incomplete. The harrowing scene is when Hammad can hear Imaan’s voice telling him that they will be together in the world hereafter.

Source: Har Pal Geo


8. Sadqay Tumhare – when Khalil rushes back home to attend Shano’s janaza but isn’t able to see her

Years after Shano and Khalil part ways, we find out that they both got married, yet Shano died a few years into being a newlywed. Khalil went to her janaza but did not make it in time, and was unable to see Shano’s face. Shano died from the stress and grief of a broken heart. Oh, and the most mournful part? Khalil named his son Khurram – the name he wanted to name his child with Shano.

Source: Hum Television Network


7. Bin Roye – the moment it hits Saba that Irtaza and Saman really are married, and her breakdown she has afterward

Saba loved Irtaza more than life itself, and she always thought they would end up together. Irtaza felt nothing for Saba, merely a younger sister – and thus Saba’s unrequited love tore her apart in an iconic scene where she has an incredibly dejected breakdown.

Source: Hum Television Network


6. Sang-e-Mar Mar – Shireen’s unfortunate unrequited love that leaves her in nothing but agony

Shireen was plagued with terrible luck. Her innocence and naive nature got her into tremendous trouble in her already VERY strict and patriarchal Pashtun household. She grew up in love with her childhood sweetheart, Aurang, but he eventually moved away to the city. He moved on a long time ago, while Shireen still held onto her past, pining after him. The scene where she sees him after years, in particular, is incredibly heavy-hearted. Her entire stint throughout the show is plagued in pain.

Source: Hum Television Network


5. Pyarey Afzal – Afzal being shot as he speaks to Farah on the phone

Afzal and Farah finally declare their love together over the phone, before Afzal is suddenly shot multiple times by Karachi’s mafia, as karma for his stupid tryst with the underworld. He loved her so much, and all Farah did was continually mock him to the point of no redemption – and although this moment was comforting, it felt unnerving at the same time; thus the reality that time is never on our sides.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


4. Yakeen Ka Safar – A number of scenes, in particular when Zubia says “Allah maaf kar deta hai, insaan nahi karta”

This drama was turmoil; in the sense, it was an emotional odyssey with nothing but forlorn characters we all fell in love with who each had stories dripping in despair. Many picked Daniyal’s death, while some chose the long-awaited embrace between Zubia and Asfandyar where they each declared their love for one another. Another one, that we felt was most significant, was justice for Daniyal, after years of torture.

Source: MD Productions


3. Baaghi – Fouzia’s murder by the brother she raised so lovingly

Her brother, now a drug addict couldn’t take all the embarrassment he faced growing up because of Fouzia’s actions as she transitioned into the loosely uncanny Qandeel Baloch (whose story the drama was allegedly based upon), so he drugs her and strangles her to death. He claimed she brought shame to their family and left her to die.

Source: Paragon Productions


2. Diyar-e-Dil –  Suhaib’s untimely death, with his final years spent in misery with a broken heart, trying to bring back his father and elder brother together

Suhaib has lost someone so dear to him, yet he still is determined to fix it all. He spends years visiting Behroze (who is cold and distant) and meets him with the same kindness and warmth he has always held. Suhaib does not have a mean bone in his body and is highly unaware of what an ego is. He really is so wonderful, and all he wants his for his brother to return; that’s all he has ever pined for. Suhaib spends his days reminiscing about the wistful past he had with his brother.

Source: MD Productions


1. Dastaan – Pretty much the entire drama, but mainly what subsequently happened to Bano

Bano’s resilience is incredible, and her inevitable deterioration is heartbreaking to witness. A pillar of strength, to see Bano journey from a frivolous and simple girl to someone who has mustered enough courage to wake up the next day and plow on through is both admirable and disturbing; admirable because very few can brave such storms, and disturbing because fate can be so ruthless at times to some – when it rains it truly pours. Basant, the Sikh man who kidnapped her and forcibly married her is what ends up ruining her to her core; Bano has disappeared and it’s no longer the girl we knew. She cannot love her son, for she sees Basant’s laughter exuding in his young face, and is constantly haunted by his cruelty.

Source: MD Productions


Another mention was the massacre, that was quick, shocking and hair-raising. The entire household that we have come to cherish so dearly are at the edge of their impending death. As they draw their last breaths, the end is nigh. Bibi’s face, when she contemplates choking her beloved daughter to save her from the hands of rioters is absolutely terrifying.

Source: MD Productions


So there you have it folks, the most voted scenes that had you in tears!


(To those that didn’t make it, we will be releasing special Instagram stories about those specific scenes, and asking all you folks to rate them, so that everyone who answered will have their response included)!


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